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World Wildlife Day – the Swiss Way

World Wildlife Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the magnificent world of wild plants and animals at least once per year. More importantly, it’s a reminder for us, humans, that we have the responsibility to take care and protect our local ecosystems from destruction. Every threat to animals and plants is a warning sign, including over-exploitation, habitat loss, or natural disaster.

So, how do we celebrate it the Swiss way this year?

Swiss flora and fauna are super-rich and priceless in their beauty and value. We could dedicate this day to numerous species from both of these worlds. But our idea is different. This year, we want to give a tribute to Swiss animals that represent unique symbols. Not only in Switzerland but in different cultures throughout the world as well. 

You might wonder – which animals do we talk about? How did we come up with this idea?

The reason lies in the beautiful Swiss Animals Cap you can find in our store. It’s a beautiful piece, designed in six different variations, featuring Swiss animals that we decided to dedicate this day to.

Let’s meet these beautiful creatures and celebrate World Wildlife Day!


The Brave Brown Bear

What does the Brave Brown Bear symbolize? When we think of it, the first two things that cross our minds are strength and confidence. Centuries ago, the bear inspired those who needed courage, and people worshipped it as a powerful totem. Today, this predator lives in central Switzerland and the South of the Alps.

So, if you’re the one with strong leadership and proactive skills, you’re free to say you have the characteristics of the Brave Brown Bear.

The Mountain Ibex

The Mountain Ibex, or Alpine Ibex, is a wild goat species that lives in the Alps. Throughout centuries, people thought it has magical powers because of its unicorn-ish look. Besides, Ibex is an excellent climber, so if you enjoy hiking and climbing, this gorgeous creature could become your spirit animal.

The Golden Eagle

Which person could we relate to as the Golden Eagle? Being an eagle requires looking at life with a wide lens and a broader perspective because they provide vision, wisdom, strength, and courage.

Do you always strive to reach new heights in life? In that case, feel free to associate yourself with this gorgeous bird.


The Grey Wolf

Besides Switzerland, the Grey Wolf is present in different parts of the world. Also, in each of these countries, the symbolism is similar – sharp intelligence, a deep connection with instincts, and an appetite for freedom. 

Do you recognize yourself in these characteristics?

The Queen of Alps

The mighty and combative Queen of Alps is a typical cow of the Valais Region. They are known as the Swiss most renowned breed because of their fighting spirit. So, it’s pretty clear what type of people can relate to this Swiss animal. Throughout the summer, the leader must assert herself if she is to descend from the alpine pastures in autumn as the crowned “queen.”

Cows are as much a part of Swiss tradition as watchmaking and chocolate.

The Mountain Dog

The mountain dog is a faithful friend and hard worker from Bern Region. Dogs of this breed are excellent watchdogs. They may want to chase smaller animals and play roughly, although they are quite gentle when appropriately trained.

If you’re a fan of these species and dogs in general, this is, for sure, your new spirit animal.


Which one of these is your spirit animal?

There is almost no chance that you guys don’t fall into a single of these symbolic categories. You have to relate to at least one of these animals. And we’re eager to know which one it is!

Come on, don’t be shy! Share your answers with us on social media.

Happy World Wildlife Day, everyone!

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