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Lindt Pralines Confiseur 820 g

The timeless classic among pralines offers elegant simplicity and his extraordinary gift character. Lindt Pralines Confiseur chocolate truly brings the pleasure of real Swiss quality in a box.

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Weight 0.950 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk, skimmed milk, low fat cocoa and powder, almonds, vegetable fat (palm, coconut, shea, palm kernel, sunflower), buttered sweetener, milk sugar, (Curcumin, annatto, paprika extract, titanium dioxide, copper-containing complexes of chlorophylls and chlorophyllins), cream, invert sugar, protein, wheat flour, orange peels, pistachios, orange peels, pistachios, barley malt extract, aromas, orange juice concentrates, ethanol, , Maltodextrin, potato starch, spinach extract, wheat starch, stabilizer (sodium triphosphate), coloring concentrates (pumpkin, apple), baking agent (sodium bicarbonate), acidifying agent (citric acid).
Can contain other peel fruits.
Milk chocolate contains cocoa 31% min., Milk ingredients 18% min.
Dark chocolate contains: cocoa 41% min

Lindt Pralines Confiseur

Thanks to its number of pioneers, the European nation- Switzerland is known to be one of the countries first to produce chocolate. Therefore, you can always find brands serving the chocolate industry for more than a decade. And one of these brands is Lindt. The story of this brand starts in 1845! With decades of experience in hand, the brand can gather a huge number of loyal followers with diverse numbers of Swiss chocolate. One of the most recognized chocolates is Lindt Pralines Confiseur.

Quality & deliciousness in a box

Each candy is a set of Lindt Pralines Confiseur – a marvelous combination of premium and delicious Swiss chocolate and carefully selected filling. Each piece of Lindt Pralines Confiseur has a unique and extraordinary range of tastes that will rejuvenate your taste buds.

These Pralines Confiseur chocolates are truly a delight in a box and the real art of making chocolates. The Lindt Chocolate brand put a lot of thought and consideration into making these products. And their due diligence, passion, and attention to detail can be found in every bite of the extraordinary Lindt Pralines Confiseur.

Pralines Confiseur is great for a gift

Besides having great taste and deliciousness, the Quality & deliciousness in Lindt Pralines Confiseur is unmatchable. However, that’s not all! The package the Swiss chocolates come with looks amazing and eye-candy as well. The box can be carried conveniently. Therefore, you can always take these marvelous boxes with you on the go. Furthermore, these chocolates are a great gift item as well.

The finest Pralines Confiseur combines a high-quality assortment. The timeless classic among pralines offers elegant simplicity and his special gift character.

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