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Stevia Crystal Sticks 200 g

Use Stevia Crystal Sticks to sweeten your beverages without adding any calories! Your ideal companion for on-the-go.

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Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Sweeteners Erythritol*, Steviol glycosides (of vegetable origin), natural flavoring.
* Excess consumption may have a laxative effect

Stevia Crystal Sticks Overview

Use Stevia Crystal Sticks to sweeten your beverages without adding any calories! This box is perfect since it contains 100 sticks which you can easily carry anywhere you go! In addition, they are fructose, gluten, and lactose-free! Furthermore, they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Crunchy like sugar

Use it just like sugar! These convenient sticks provide you with the perfect sweetness without calories—your ideal companion for on-the-go. Moreover, Stevia Crystal Sticks are suitable for all your beverages and add a quick dash of sweetness at home.

One stick is equal to a teaspoon of sugar.

What is Stevia?

Steviol glycoside is a calorie-free sweetener taken out of the stevia plant. The stevia plant belongs to the chrysanthemum family and originates from northeast Paraguay. Hundreds of years back, the native inhabitants of Paraguay and Brazil realized the powerful sweetening power of this plant and, since then, have used the leaves to sweeten their own food and beverage.

Stevia is also a honey capsule in these states because of its irresistible sweetness. Today, stevia has been cultivated in huge parts of the world and approved as a calorie-free sugar substitute in several countries.

Nutritional information per 100 g:

  • Energy kcal (kJ) 0.6 (2.5)
  • Fat 0 g
  • – saturated 0 g
  • Carbohydrate total of 99.3 g
  • – sugars 0.2 g
  • – polyols 99.2 g
  • Protein 0 g
  • Salt 0 g

Stevia Crystal Sticks sweeten hot drinks like a lump of sugar. Also, they can come with you everywhere. So enjoy your favorite beverages with stevia, and don’t miss all the pleasure!

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Stevia crystal stickStevia Crystal Sticks 200 g
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