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Toblerone Crispy Coconut 100 g

The original Toblerone recipe combined with sugar coated coconut brings a flavorful tropical twist. Creamy milk chocolate, heavenly honey and nougat are combined with crispy coconut. You will die and go to heaven with every bite!

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Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Sugar, milk, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, coconut chips (6.9%), honey (2.6%), butter, lamonds (1.3%), emulsifier (SOJALECITHIN), flavor. Cocoa: 28% at least in milk chocolate

Toblerone Crispy Coconut

Toblerone crispy coconut delivers a unique taste experience for the summer! The original Toblerone recipe combined with sugar-coated coconut brings a flavorful tropical twist. Try this modern version of the classic Swiss chocolate bar.

Revel in one of the most well-known chocolate treats in the world! Toblerone is a distinctive triangle shape. The chocolate ‘mountain peaks’ represent the Matterhorn and the logo.

Discover the blend of classic and contemporary ingredients in Toblerone crispy coconut! Creamy milk chocolate, heavenly honey, and nougat are combined with crispy coconut. You will die and go to heaven with every bite! Furthermore, this chocolate is perfect for sharing with everyone who enjoys a twist in their dessert! Not only that, but it is a perfect gift that will delight every time.

Our sugar-coated coconut Toblerone is a sensational summer dessert that always pleases. It is a unique and deliciously different flavor combination. In addition, it is practical and easy to carry. Consequently, it is ideal for your summer travels and sweet fun with friends. Since it is an original Swiss product, you can rely on the quality ingredients.

Toblerone crispy coconut will astonish every chocolate lover. Excite your palette due to a unique tropical twist from our chocolate laboratory. You will be delighted by the unforgettable combination of original Toblerone and sugar-coated coconut!

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