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Wernli Petit Beurre Ruby Chocolate 125 g


Wernli Petit Beurre Ruby Chocolate is the biscuit innovation of a Wernli classic from 1964. Ruby is the 4th chocolate form, after milk, dark, and white.

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Wernli petit beurre Rubys Chocolate Overview

Biscuits are one thing that most people love. And there’s much reason behind eating biscuits. First of all, they are crunchy, delicious, and can be made with many flavors to make them more interesting, just like Wernli Petit Beurre Ruby Chocolate. A Swiss biscuit made from Chocolate.

Chocolate and biscuits might be the most consumed food throughout the gold. And by mixing them all together, it really makes something unique and far more delicious. The Wernli Petit Beurre Ruby Chocolate is the perfect example of Swiss ingenuity. People who love chocolate and adore biscuits will definitely fall in love with the Petit Beurre Ruby Chocolate biscuits. They are perfect for tea/ coffee time and great for any occasion.

The petit beurre Swiss biscuit comes in a small package. They are easy to carry and don’t take a lot of space. Therefore, you can always carry a pack or two inside your backpack to enjoy later. This is a great food to boost your energy since it is made with chocolate. Hence, the Wernli beurre ruby can be your best friend while you are outdoor hiking or doing other exploration.


The brand

The brand behind this fantastic chocolate biscuit is Wernli. They have years of experience in making great food products which has a large consumer around the world. The strict Swiss guidelines back their dedication towards making the best products. The brand works really hard and places a lot of resources to produce the most perfect and high-quality biscuits. And if you order them from an authentic Swiss shop like Swissmade Direct, you will experience the best.

Wernli Petit Beurre Ruby Chocolate is the biscuit innovation of an old Wernli classic from 1964. A thin slab of chocolate plus the dark petit beurre biscuit creates a unique success story. Also, Ruby is the 4th chocolate variation, after milk, dark, and white. Ruby cocoa beans grow in traditional cocoa-producing areas, such as Brazil, Ecuador, and Ivory Coast.

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