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Wernli Brand Overview

Success comes at a price, and sometimes it takes time. There are numerous examples of successful businesses that have failed at the beginning and later found themselves as the leader of their market niche. And the brand Wernli falls strictly under that category of business.

At first, the brand was established in 1905 near Olten. However, the place was not idle to open a bakery. The reason for that was the lack of demand. Therefore, Friedrich Johann Wernli and his two gave up on making their confectionery after three years. However, after a brief period of time, his son Fritz placed all his savings to reopen his father’s business.

And he did this while he was only 17. In 1914, they made the first breakthrough, and later, Paul and Fritz took over the confectionery from their father and founded the “Wernli Brothers Biscuit Factory.” So. it was 1914 when the brand Wernli came into existence.

The decades of experience in making extraordinary baked foods give the brand enormous benefit to create exceptional products. They know what their customers want and certainly delivers them. Today, they have a vast and loyal customer base worldwide, and the numbers are certainly growing at a rapid speed.

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