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Get the most out of your tube with the help of Swiss Tube Wrench. It works perfectly and very easily. Also, the squeezer fits conveniently in your hand to give you maximum comfort.

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Swiss tube wrench Overview

Are you tired of trying to squeeze out contents from your favorite tube products? Well, its a problem for every household. However, with the advent of the Swiss tube wrench from Drehmomente, things are starting to change on a positive note. With this stylish aluminum made tube extractor, your struggle to squeeze out the last drop from the tube products is now over. The smartly designed Swiss tube extractors we have in our inventory come in different sizes to help you work with various tube products. The primary goal is to offer you convenience and reduce waste for a prolonged time. The rotatable metal handle of Drehmomente tubenschlüssel holds a careful design sense. Unlike others, you can use it by the left or right hand according to your comfort.

To use the tube extractor, simply slide the tube’s folding end into the squeezer’s conveniently located opening, and rotate the key. And that’s it! The efficient Swiss tube wrench is practical, and you can use this outside of your kitchen. For instance, you can use the tubenschlüssel on your household and workshop works as well.

The story behind your convenience

The story behind the Swiss tube wrench is unique. It involved a few red wine glasses, a snowy night in the Zurich lowlands’ cold winter landscape, and a friendly conversation with dear friends. In the beginning, the prototype was developed from two aluminum rods. It was drilled with a machine, a hand saw, and a file. Later, this prototype came into the right people’s limelight at the right time, and the existing design becomes more convenient and stylish.

Order tubenschlüssel

At Swissmade Direct, we are glad to have Drehmomente products in our inventory. We have added a range of Swiss tube wrenches to fulfill your needs. You can purchase real gold plated and chrome tube wrench to amaze your guests! Please browse through the page and order Drehmomente tubenschlüssel that you prefer the most. We have plenty of options to choose from. Once done, sit back and relax. We’ll deliver the product right at your doorstep.

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100% aluminum


Large: 9.0 cm long for tubes up to 7.5 cm wide
Middle: 7.5 cm long for tubes up to 6.0 cm wide
Small: 6.0 cm long for tubes up to 4.5 cm wide


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