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Kernser Tagliatelline 500 g

Enjoy your pasta and choose between three tastes: Kernser Saffron, Kernser Lemon, and Kernser Arrabbiata. Reach the next level taste with Kernser Tagliatelline!

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Kernser Tagliatelline

With Kernser Tagliatelline, the taste of your pasta will be way better than ever before. Enjoy the best Swiss-made quality and make your meal become a top specialty. You can choose between three tastes: Kernser Saffron, Kernser Lemon, and Kernser Arrabbiata.

Kernser Saffron

Our popular saffron tagliatelline contains saffron threads, already 4mm wide for double enjoyment, is made from the best durum wheat semolina, central Swiss free-range eggs, and fresh core water from Arvigrat and saffron. Therefore, it will give your dish a unique taste that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Kernser Lemon

The secret favorite among the Kernser Walz specialties is the noble Tagliatelline lemon. Whether in combination with meat, fish, or seafood, our lemon tagliatelline brings fresh and lovely flavors to every menu.

Kernser Arrabbiata

The Kernser rolled specialty with long cooking time and warm sharpness: Dried chili brings that certain something into the tagliatelline: round taste and pleasantly piquant. The Kernser Arrabbiata Tagliatelline comes out particularly well with raw ham and rocket.

The method of making Kernser Tagliatelline:

    • Boil water and add salt.
    • Add pasta and cook for 3 minutes to the desired bite resistance.
    • Then drain.

An unforgettable pleasure experience

Kernser pasta specialties guarantee an unforgettable pleasure experience. The original Swiss line remains deliberately traditional and down-to-earth, with diverse flavors of rolled specialties such as lemon, saffron, arrabbiata, etc. Kernser brings freshness and pure enjoyment to your menus. Additional seasonal specialties ensure culinary variety. Hence, creative cooking and fun are at the center of everything Kernser does.

Finally, with Kernser delicacies, you are always spot on. In fact, there is nothing better than spending hours together with lovely food and a nice glass of wine.

Weight 0.700 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Kernser Tagliatelline Saffron
Durum wheat semolina (Canada / EU), saffron, free-range Swiss eggs, water from Arvigrat

Kernser Tagliatelline Arrabbiata
Durum wheat semolina (Canada / EU), chili, garlic, oregano, free-range Swiss eggs, water from Arvigrat

Kernser Tagliatelline Lemon
Durum wheat semolina (Canada / EU), free-range eggs 17.8% (CH), 1.4% lemon oil, turmeric ground, water from Arvigrat

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Kernser Tagliatelline 500 gKernser Tagliatelline 500 g
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