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Kernser Brand Overview

Kernser is known to be one of the most special brands offering the highest quality of pasta to the masses. The brand follows extraordinary measures to make exceptional products. The pasta from Kernser contains 100% natural products. High-quality ingredients include the best durum wheat, central Swiss spelled fresh Swiss free-range eggs, and Kernserwasser from Arvigrat. The brand is also known for maximizing its efforts to source its ingredients from local suppliers. This ensures that the raw materials don’t lose their nutrients values and stay fresh.

The Swiss Kernsers’ specialty is pasta which guarantees an unforgettable culinary experience. The organization deliberately follows its proven traditional and down-to-earth recipe. The brand holds a diverse flavor to its product. A few of their specialties are lemon, saffron, and arrabbiata, bringing refreshing and delicious delights to your menu. There are added seasonal specialties that guarantee culinary variety. Kernser pasta is easy to make and doesn’t require a chef-like skill to make your meal delicious.

The brand follows a gentle production process. Their drying process is done under low temperatures. This particular process has been followed for decades and continuously undergrowing through meaningful improvement. The low-temperature drying process also keeps the essential nutrients values intact.

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At Swissmade Direct, we are glad to have a prominent brand like Swiss Kernsers with us. We always strive to offer an exceptional experience to our wide clientele. Therefore, we have partnered with Swiss brands that also follow our visions. Explore a wide range of Swiss-made products from various Swiss brands in our store now.

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