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Kernser Pasta Specialties

Kernser pasta is nutritious and especially tasty Swiss pasta line which has a very long tradition of making. As a result of a high tendency to make an easy but better meal, Kernser has a broad range of different but individually delicious pasta products.

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Kernser pasta specialties Overview

Undoubtedly, Kernser pasta specialties are especially tasty products. But, this Swiss pasta line stands out thanks to its great health benefits. And this is because of their proven ingredients and accordingly, their potential to do good to your body.


Kernser pasta specialties for most delicious Mediterranean diet

You must have heard many times that the best diet is a Mediterranean diet. Following a Mediterranean diet, in which pasta is one of the cornerstone foods, you may reduce the risk for many diseases. But, for the results, your pasta must be made with raw, natural materials. This is not Italian pasta but is known for its long tradition of making with the only proven natural and fresh ingredients.

These unique Kernser pasta specialties contain natural, high-quality raw materials such as fresh Swiss eggs and pure mountain spring water. So, each of these specialties has high nutritional values and natural taste. It will provide you with energy, as well as essential nutrients in the form of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Especially when this Swiss pasta line is paired with other nutritious ingredients like olive oil, vegetables, beans, fish, or meat —it is a perfect meal. Then, it can be beneficial for those with diabetes; it may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Also, it can help you maintain or lose weight.


All Kernser traditional pasta specialties in one place

After all, thanks to the significant health benefits but also their delicious taste profile, Kernser pasta specialties must be confirmation what Federico Fellini said. He said: Life is a combination of magic and pasta.

Try with us this unique Swiss pasta line and you will see what this sentence means:

  • Stanser-Hörnli – 500g
  • Titlis-Hüetli – 500g
  • Jäger-Hörnli – 500g
  • Heidi-Zöpfli – 500g
  • Rigi-Rollen – 500g
  • Pilatus-Spätzli – 500g
  • Alp-Hörnli – 1kg
  • Original Älpler-Magronä – 500g

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