Kernser Spelt Pasta Specialties 500 g


Kernser Spelt Pasta line is one exclusive because all its six pasta specialties are made of spelt. Spelt has many exceptional characteristics and health benefits. And one is that this is a parent of wheat which contains gluten that is easy to digest.


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Because of the spelt, Kernser Spelt Pasta line is especially for you who have difficulty digesting the gluten found in regular pasta. But also for you who need pasta to surprise with an unusually good taste. Spelt and so this pasta is known for its rich, ‘nutty’ flavor and smoother texture.
So, all these spelt pasta specialties have that kind of taste that you don’t need a spicy sauce for the full enjoyment.
The great thing is also, while whole wheat pasta tends to be grainy, and crumbles during cooking, this spelt pasta retains its texture, so it holds up perfectly under your sauces and other ingredients.
But, what is really important to underline are many health benefits of these Kernser Spelt pasta specialties.

Kernser Spelt Pasta line / Spelt as “the best of grain”/ healthy high-quality grain

Spelt is the reason of a significant number of healthy nutritional values of these products. It is high in fiber, it has a higher content of protein and vitamins than normal wheat. But, take all individually.
Kernser Spelt pasta specialties are rich in carbohydrates (dietary fiber and sugar). They are responsible for bringing energy into our metabolism. Also, they have a high function to easy satisfy your hunger.
Together with this, each of these specialties is home of vitamins, magnesium, iron and other minerals. And you know your body requires minerals and vitamins for every process and function. But this is not all.
Thanks to the valuable proteins and healthy fatty acids, these Swiss pasta specialties can support your body during performance and regeneration.
Finally, these products are suitable for wheat allergy sufferers, and this is also due to pure, old Swiss spelt.

All these five healthy products are here to easy find them:


-Penne rigate
-Maccheroni Napoli

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100% Spelt from the Seetal

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