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Paprika Chips 90 g | Zweifel

If you are looking for a snack that makes you feel hot, then Zweifel’s Paprika Chips is your best option. Feel the power in every bite.

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Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Potatoes, rapeseed oil (33%), seasoning (maltodextrin, dextrose, salt (Switzerland) (1.1%), paprika powder, yeast extract, onion powder, potato starch, colour (paprika extract), smoke flavour, spice extract, natural flavour)

Introducing Zweifel Paprika Chips: A Taste Sensation!

Experience the unmatched delight of Zweifel Paprika Chips, a true masterpiece in the world of snacking. These chips are carefully crafted to perfection, combining the finest ingredients with a flavor that will leave you craving for more.

Irresistible Paprika Seasoning

Indulge your taste buds in the rich and savory flavors of our signature paprika seasoning. Specially sourced and blended, the distinctive combination of herbs and spices creates a burst of tantalizing taste with every bite. The harmonious balance of flavors ensures a truly addictive snacking experience.

Meticulously Crafted for Excellence

Zweifel Paprika Chips are made with utmost dedication and attention to detail. Each chip is thinly sliced from premium quality potatoes, ensuring a crisp texture that delights with every crunch. Our commitment to using only the finest ingredients guarantees an exceptional snacking experience that is second to none.

The Perfect Snack for Any Occasion

Whether you’re hosting a party, enjoying a movie night, or simply satisfying a snack craving, Zweifel Paprika Chips are the perfect choice. Their versatile nature makes them suitable for any occasion, whether it’s a casual gathering or a formal event. Pair them with your favorite dips and salsas, or enjoy them on their own, these chips are sure to be the star of the show.

With Zweifel Paprika Chips, you can expect nothing less than a premium snacking experience. Treat yourself to the bold and unforgettable flavors of these iconic chips and let your taste buds embark on a journey of pure delight. Order your pack of Zweifel Paprika Chips today and discover why they are adored by chip connoisseurs worldwide.

Zweifel Paprika Chips are incredibly tasty, and they are delicious. You will taste the fresh ingredients in every bite. The crunchy Zweifel Chips are genuinely amazing and come in many flavors. The packs are easily accessible and carriable. Therefore, you can always take a pack or more whenever you are going out. The Zweifel Paprika Chips are ideal for snack time or in between meals.

Make your snack time more exciting with Swiss-made Zweifel Chips. Feel the power in every bite. And if you are looking for more flavors, we have got your back!

Potatoes in the original form

At Zweifel, they leave potatoes in their original form. Afterward, they fry them in thicker slices in portions in a kettle. Vigorous spice mixtures give the final touch, which provides unmistakable character. Hence, as the final result, you have extra crispy and extra rustic chips.


Store in a cool and dry place, protect from sunlight.

Zweifel Paprika Chips directly from Switzerland

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Zweifel Paprika Chips 90 gPaprika Chips 90 g | Zweifel
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