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Original Cola Froschli Bonbons I Egli

Original Cola Froschli Bonbons excite the taste buds. They taste sour, sweet, and delicately like Coca-Cola at the same time.

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Weight 1.600 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Sugar, glucose syrup, acidifier: citric acid, caramel syrup, natural flavouring, sunflower oil

Original Cola Froschli Bonbons

Original Cola Froschli Bonbons are sweet, hard sweets in the shape of frogs with an unmistakable cola flavor. For almost 80 years, the iconic Zältli has been a source of pleasure, joy, and nostalgia in Switzerland. They have officially been part of Switzerland’s culinary heritage since 2008.

In this package, there are 200 bonbons.

Bonbons on the tongue excite the taste buds. They taste sour, sweet, and delicately like Coca-Cola at the same time. And what physicists can’t believe: It even transcends physical boundaries and allows you to travel back in time!

If you pop a Coke frog in your mouth and close your eyes, you’ll soon be reminiscing about fond childhood memories. Like the generations before you, children and teenagers today still enjoy the flavorsome sweetness of a Cola-Fröschli on the tongue.

The recipe for the 5-gram Zältli has never changed since it was launched in 1938. Why should it be when it is still so popular today?

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Original Cola Froschli BonbonsOriginal Cola Froschli Bonbons I Egli
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