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Balisto Assorted Cereal Bars 8 Pieces


Balisto Assorted Cereal Bars are crunchy, made of whole grain and oat with a fine chocolate taste in each bite – they’re delicious!

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Balisto Assorted Cereal Bars 8 Pieces

Everyone loves Balisto Assorted Cereal Bars. They are crunchy, made of whole grain and oat with a fine chocolate taste in each bite – they’re delicious!

There are five flavors to choose from: apple, choco-apple. milk, cocos, choco-banana.

The bars’ packaging is clear so you can see the product inside easily. there are six 26-gram bars per pack for more than enough snacking during your day at work/school. Everyone should get their hands on some today since this new snack has been flying off store shelves everywhere we go.

Rich flavor

It’s great to have a cup of tea or coffee when you’re feeling cold on the weekends. There are so many types, it’ll be hard to choose just one! One thing that can make your drink even better is adding something sweet like chocolate bars. They quickly provide us with energy and they taste delicious too! Balisto bars are an excellent example of this product for many reasons. They come in lots of flavors, contain healthy ingredients like nuts and milk proteins, etc.

First of all, the bars have high-quality ingredients to create rich flavor and whole grains with crunchy peanut pieces give you valuable sustenance for long periods of time. Second, it is very convenient because they come individually. So, there will be no clutter or having to wash up after eating your favorite snacks at work! And finally, these delicious treats can go anywhere in your pocket without breaking since each bar weighs just 1 oz., making them easy on the stomach too!

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Balisto Choco Apple Cereal Bars
Sugar, whole grain (13%) (oat flakes), glucose syrup, cocoa butter, rice flour, wheat flour, whole milk powder, apple pieces (5.5%), sultanas, cocoa mass, palm oil, humectant (sorbitol), oat flour, apple juice powder, Maltodextrin concentrate, lemon extract Flavors, salt, emulsifier (soy lecithin), dextrose. (May contain: nuts).
Information for allergy sufferers: See highlighted ingredients


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