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Jamaica Blue Mountain Roasted Coffee 250 g


Jamaica Blue Mountain Roasted Coffee is an original Swissmade coffee that also has a “title” – Champagne of Coffees!

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Jamaica Blue Mountain Roasted Coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain Roasted Coffee represents the finest of two worlds – Swiss and Jamaican! Why do we say so? Because it comes directly from Jamaica but we roast it in Switzerland.

It’s an original Swissmade coffee that also has a unique “title” – Champagne of Coffees!

It’s a luxury, single farm coffee with an ethical commitment to support female farmers.

Blue Mountain coffee, along with a few other coffees, belongs to the top category of specialty coffees. The coffee bushes grow between 910 meters and 1700 meters above sea level.

The fog, cool temperatures, and heavy rainfall are the main factors in the Blue Mountains’ special climate, which causes the coffee cherries to grow much slower. So, this long ripening period results in a special aroma with recognition value, which is highly appreciated by coffee experts.

What else can be said about one of the most famous, noble, and expensive coffees in the world? For example, it comes from the official Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. This guarantees that it is genuine – not a gray import! It is a coffee with an incredible harmony of aroma, body, and acidity, as well as a distinctive sweet taste. The champagne among coffees!

Roasted coffee is available with whole beans. This variation of coffee is grade 1 beans.

Swiss made coffee

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