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Berg Der Seelen Espresso Coffee Beans

Feel the true nature of espresso and spirit of Himalayas with the magnificent taste of Berg Der Seelen Espresso Coffee Beans. A unique taste that makes a massive difference.

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100% Arabica beans of the Typica, Bourbon, and Caturra varieties make up its rare nature.

Berg Der Seelen Espresso Coffee Beans

Berg Der Seelen Espresso Coffee Beans represent the true nature of espresso. It’s available in three packages – 200 g, 380 g, and 750 g.

Mount Manaslu (the mountain of souls) is the home of this supreme espresso. It is aged in an old Bordeaux barrel. 100% Arabica beans of the varieties of Typica, Bourbon, and Caturra make up its rare nature. It is pure and full of quality, as not many pests survive the growing altitude.

Fermenting the coffee cherries with ice-cold Himalayan meltwater gives it its fruity notes without losing its gentle sweetness. Coffee cultivation provides small farmers from Nepal with independence and income. Meaningful craftsmanship over generations in nature is so precious it is hard to imagine. Nourish yourself with this elemental force of creation.

The story behind

There were many ruined houses in Nepal because of the devastating earthquake in 2015. Many families in the mountain villages around the epicenter are still living in emergency shelters. In order to provide the mountain farmers with an income so that they could rebuild their houses independently, Melanie Kreuzer (President of Sambhav Nepal Switzerland) was looking for a solution.

Instead of donating money, she wanted to enable long-term perspectives. She helped them do what they do the best: farming.

Roasted coffee from this project

This unique and rare coffee arises in the roasting factory in Doppleschwand.

Himalayan coffee has been available on the world market for 25 years. It is valued for its special, full aroma and traded as a rarity due to its low availability. Thanks to the altitude of cultivation, where many pests do not survive, its quality is unique. The meltwater of the Himalayas also contributes to the quality.

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Berg Der Seelen Espresso Coffee BeansBerg Der Seelen Espresso Coffee Beans
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