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Minor Chocolates 42×44 g

Minor Chocolates are 100% natural Swiss chocolates, which will provide you with incredible taste and chocolate sensation! It’s available in two different flavors, classic and split.

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Minor Chocolates Overview

Minor Chocolates are 100% natural Swiss chocolates, which will provide you with incredible taste and chocolate sensation! Available in two different flavors, classic and split, it will quickly become your favorite!

Experience the CLASSIC pleasure of this delicious treat, and let yourself be seduced from the first bite. Moreover, don’t miss out on the most popular chocolate in Switzerland! If you think about it, chocolate is an excellent gift for anyone and on any occasion.

The new Minor SPLIT chocolate flatters every nut lover: tender nut cream and crispy hazelnut brittle conjure up a fantastic taste experience. Take this bar and love it for all that is plain and pure about it: no palm oil, just the real, unabashed deal.

About the brand

Minor is all-natural chocolate. Since the brand does not add any artificial flavors or aromas to its products, all you will taste are high-quality natural ingredients. They combine creamy chocolate with Swiss milk and roasted hazelnut chips. In addition, some chocolates are made with vanilla extract directly from the pod.

The brand obtains every single hazelnut from the best cultivation area in Italy. Hence, you won’t find so many hazelnut pieces in any other chocolate bar! Furthermore, the Swiss chocolate company does not use genetically modified ingredients in their products, which are also completely gluten-free!

Taste the complexity of natural ingredients in one single piece of creamy, dreamy Minor chocolates.


Get minor chocolates online

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Weight 2.480 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm



Minor Split Chocolates
Sugar, hazelnuts 20%, cocoa butter, caramelized whole milk powder, cocoa mass, hazelnut brittle 5% (sugar, hazelnuts), cocoa powder, concentrated butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vanilla extract.
Cocoa at least 24% in the chocolate

Minor Classic Chocolates
Sugar, hazelnuts 24%, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, almonds, cocoa mass, soy flour, natural emulsifier (soy lecithin), natural vanilla extract

Allergy information
Contains hazelnuts, almonds, milk, soy

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Minor ChocolatesMinor Chocolates 42×44 g
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