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Belfina Plant Oil Cooking Cream 500 ml


Belfina plant oil cooking cream is the ideal choice for roasting, steaming and boiling. If you cook every day, you’re going to need this!

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Belfina plant oil cooking cream Overview

Belfina plant oil cooking cream is a classic, great-value product for everyday use. Fats and oils play a vital part in determining the quality of Belfina food products. They impart both taste and structure and ensure that the food can be processed and formed as required. Furthermore, the careful selection of raw materials is of vital importance for the quality of the end product. This is why Belfina focuses so much on purchasing high-quality fats and oils.

Belfina plant cooking cream is fantastic and made by adhering to the best quality standards. For decades, “Swiss-made” has been the hallmark of the gold standard. The Swiss brands are known to be the most artistic and sophisticated and use many resources to make products above industry standards.

The Belgian plant oil cooking cream too made by a Swiss brand. Therefore, its quality is hard to come by unless you get it from authentic Swiss shops like Swissmade Direct. We deliver the product directly to our clientele from the products. There’s no third-party involvement in between. This ensures the products you get are genuine, authentic, and offer the highest experience.

Ideal for restaurants

Belfina is the ideal choice for roasting, steaming and boiling. Furthermore, it is great for restaurateurs who cook every day and want to achieve great roasting results. Also, this Belfina cooking cream is free from hydrogenated fats. Enjoy!


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Weight 0.700 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Vegetable oil (sunflower (Switzerland, Africa)), vegetable fat, fully hydrogenated (rapeseed), water, emulsifiers (E471, lecithin), salt, antioxidant (E306), flavoring, coloring (carotene)


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