Peaceful sounds, such as meditative or nature melodies, are all forms of music therapy that can be used to relieve stress and help you sleep better at night. Many people don’t realize it, but quiet, soothing music can have a very positive effect on your mood. That is especially true if you are dealing with a stressful situation. In this article, we bring you peaceful sounds of Swiss nature with Alpklang Music Boxes / sound motion sensors that can be played in the background when relaxing in your home. How do they work?

These boxes have a motion sensor that activates as soon as you’re one and a half meters close to it. Once you come that close, you’ll hear soothing sounds for three minutes. In only a few seconds, you’ll feel like sounds brought you to another world.

In addition, these products are wireless. Instead, there are already assembled three AAA batteries that could be changed whenever it’s necessary. Of course, you can adjust the volume as well. They give you the advantage of having soothing music playing in the background while you’re at work or sleeping without distraction from the outside world. Let’s dive in!

Peaceful Sounds of Swiss Nature

Achieve peace of mind with Forest Sounds Motion Sensor! Once you’re in the same environment with this device, it will play its sounds to bring you to a peaceful state of mind. It will be your companion once it gets dark outside. Also, it will help you flow gently into the dream world with its natural sounds.

On the other hand, if you prefer to place it in the living room, this music box can welcome your guests with its pleasant sounds of nature.


Alphorn Sounds Motion Sensor

In Switzerland, Senn is the name of an Alp farmer. When he takes care of his cattle in the barn, he prefers to be inspired by traditional sounds. And these are the sounds you’ll hear once you come close to the SENN Alphorn Sounds Motion Sensor! You can choose between four colors – red, brown, charcoal grey, and blue.

The box likes quiet places and short visits. What does it mean? It prefers playing the music of Swiss nature every now and then, instead of yodling all day long. For example, you can place it into your living room where it can welcome your guests with a pleasant melody. Or, you can put it in your bedroom and flow into peaceful dreams.


Relax Melodies Motion Sensor

The birth of his first son, Elia, inspire composer Daniel Wallimann to create the enchanting melody that brings his son to rest. The original song has been further developed by the three artists Daniel Wallimann, Antonia Gasser, and Tobi Gmür. In the process, they created an excellent arrangement with vocals, guitar, piano, and harmonium.

A perfect spot for the Relax Melodies Motion Sensor is the children’s room. The calming, peaceful sounds will help kids fall into the dream world with a sense of love and security.

This box is designed for the night, but it doesn’t mean you can’t place it in any room you wish to play its gorgeous melodies during the day.


Sound Cards for Motion Sensors

Whether you prefer forest sounds, relax melodies, or cow bell and alphorn sounds, you can always order additional sound cards for each of these motion sensors!

The sound cards you can order are:

  • «Drubertine» by Daniel Wallimann, Artist: Yodelling group Bärgröseli, Alpnachstad
  • «Vo mine Bärge» by Anton Wicky, Artist: Alphorn player Gerry Ziegler
  • «De Wildhuser» (traditional), Artist: Yodelling club Männertreu, Nesslau
  • «Breitwang-Jutz» by Fritz Kropf, Artist: Yodelling quartet Sichleblick, Eriz

What is marzipan and where people use it?

Marzipan is a soft and thick confectionery paste made of pressed almonds used as icing or molded into sweets. It has a clay-like texture which makes it very easy to handle. It is usually used for cakes and other sweet treats because of its pleasant flavor and texture. Furthermore, marzipan for cakes is often combined with fruit fillings or covered with chocolate to give them a richer, darker taste.

Why use this paste in desserts? Marzipan is made from strong almonds, making it an excellent alternative to sugar or refined white flour. In addition, it is also made without hydrogenated oils, which makes it healthier for you. Lastly, it is very easy to prepare. Hence, it can be made ahead of time and frozen for several weeks until you need it.
This delicious paste is usually sold in tubes, tubs, or cans.

Marzipan history

Let’s start with little history. Marzipan originally came from the Middle East, and back then, it had rose water or orange blossom flavor. As early as 965, this specialty was one of the caliphs’ tables delights. Moreover, it became known in Europe through the Arab invasion of Spain and Portugal. At that time, only kings and princes could eat this specialty. When pharmacists started producing and selling the almond paste, as they had the spice monopoly, confectionery manufacturers soon began manufacturing marzipan. However, it remained a luxury item until the 19th century. Finally, when people started to produce sugar from sugar beet, which was cheaper than cane sugar, that finally made marzipan more widely available.

Today, we prepared a list of delicious marzipan Swiss products you should try! In addition, they are all great as a gift to your special one, a friend, or a family member. Furthermore, we’re sure your kids will adore them! So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of marzipan sweets.

Assorted Mass

Let’s start with the basic one. Assorted Marzipan Mass is ideal for shaping figures, setting cakes, or simply sniffing! Choose between various colors – black, white, yellow, green, red, rose, orange, grey, green, brown, blue, nature. You can make any figure you imagine. Your creativity is the limit!


Potatoes With Cacao Powder

Have a craving for tiny, sweet potatoes that are actually a dessert? Than Marzipan Potatoes With Cacao Powder – or Marzipankartoffeln in German – are for you. Made from fresh marzipan and shaped into tiny potatoes, this treat is creatively dusted in cocoa powder to create the perfect potato “skin” coating! In addition, these treats are traditionally given to friends in little bags or placed on the goodie plate at Christmas.


Marzipan Balls

You will absolutely love these marzipan candies! Marzipan Balls are incredible delicious and perfect for any chocolate lover out there! They will leave you always wanting more. Hence, you will love this great 600g package with 25 pieces individually packed! Moreover, the best part is you can choose between three different flavors – rum (rum sultanas and chocolate (15%), apricot (orange liqueur apricot pieces and chocolate (15%), and nature (chocolate 15%). No matter which you choose, we’re sure it will become your favorite!


Assorted Figures

We saved the best for the last! Marzipan Assorted Figures are lovingly shaped and painted by hand figures you will absolutely love! Big or small pig, good luck-pig, ladybug, ladybug on a leaf, owl, bird with heart, owl, hedgehog, cow, elephant, the choice is huge! Hence, no matter which you choose, you will not regret it!


Friendship Day is a day when friends and families celebrate the great relationships they have with each other. This day was first celebrated in the UK in 1772. The main objective behind this celebration is to commemorate the friendly relationships that exist between a family and their friends.

The calendar date of International Friendship Day is 30th July. When we look back in history, it was an early Christmas holiday in England. However, in recent times, we celebrate International Friendship Day in July.

People from different parts of the world celebrate friendship day in their own way. Usually, after a hearty meal, people welcome their friends and family members with flowers and gifts. After celebrating Friendship Day, the ceremony sometimes moves on even during the next week.


In fact, it was on this same date in 1874 that the English Princess Diana proposed to King Edward IV of England at Chatteris. She said that she loved him and wanted to marry him. A few days later, King Edward granted her what was referred to as the “poisoning kiss.” The proposal of marriage was very popular in several countries, including Paraguay. In fact, Queen Victoria invited Paraguay to celebrate Friendship Day with her on the 16th anniversary of the acceding of the English crown.

Today, many people have turned the social media platform into one of the places to celebrate National Friendship Day. The best way for you to get to know people from other parts of the world is through social media websites. Two of the most popular social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram, of course. People share photos with their friends and happy memories they had together throughout the years.

If you want to find new friends online on this day, you can use Twellow and Find Out, and Friendfinder. These three websites allow users to search for friends within the area where they live. Once you have found your friend, you can send them a message to celebrate Friendship Day.


On the other hand, if you’re more for “live” friendship – there are also plenty of options. You can host a lunch party, spend a whole day in the local park with your friends, or go on a road trip, for example.

How are you going to celebrate this year’s Friendship Day? Do you prefer “live” socializing or an online adventure?

Whatever your option for this year is – we wish you to have a memorable Friendship Day!

If you wish to give a valuable, quality gift to your friend this year, browse through our shop. We guarantee you’ll find something that your friend simply adores!

In our recent article, we were talking about how free shipping might support “modern slavery”? Now, it’s time to shift the story in a merely different direction. Hence, we’ll analyze how shipping might interfere with sustainability and the environment.

Last time we mentioned questions that people usually ask us regarding shipping. However, there is one more that we often receive:

Why (average) shipping time cannot be shorter?

There are two primary reasons – sustainability and the environment.


How can shipping affect sustainability and our environment?

As a climate-neutral company, it’s needless to say that we deeply care about our planet and its environment. But still, you might wonder what does it have to do with shipping? And why the average time for dispatching your order is ten days?

Well, there is a huge reason.

This way, we can order goods for many of our customers at one time. By doing that, we reduce traffic and resources for our planet. And it’s a pretty big deal!

Believe it or not, many “big players” are continually destroying new goods in so-called “destroy stations” throughout the world. Long story short, the goods usually get processed into cleaning rags, among many other things, mostly because of high storage costs. Can you imagine how destructive that is?

In addition, the “duty of care” law came into force in 2020, which is intended to make companies more responsible. For example, it says that – when distributing goods, companies need to make sure that products don’t end up in the junk. But, unfortunately, there are still no strict penalties and punishments for violation of this law.

Anyways, as we mentioned above, we are a company that deeply cares about the sustainability and environment of our planet. So, therefore, we’ll stick to our current shipping sustainability policy – the average delivery time will still be ten days. And hope you have a better understanding of why that is so.


Caring about the environment is crucial for saving our planet

In the world we live in, it’s more important than ever to be environmentally friendly and save our dear planet. Individual efforts are essential for this global goal. But, when you do it as a company, the overall results are more significant and much more visible.

So, in terms of shipping, what is the exact thing that we do that really matters when it comes to environmental care? Paper, of course!

We use only the specific paper that can be used as agricultural waste! So, there’s no need to chop more trees and destroy our planet for no reason. Such a way of doing business considers the health of our planet. Going fully digital is the only better solution, however, it’s still not entirely possible (maybe it will be in the future). As a Climate Partner, we have a privilege and a duty to support climate neutrality.

In the end, you might still ask – what does it have to do with me?


Well, as an individual, you don’t have to care about our planet – it’s your own will. But, as a responsible, reliable, and conscious person – you need to play your part in this planet-saving mission. There are many ways to be ecologically active, and online shopping is only one of these.

While shopping at Swiss Made Direct and accepting our shipping policies, you can be sure that you’re on the right side in the environmental activity. In fact, you’ll support our climate and environmental efforts and, most importantly, you’ll know that you did something good for our planet.

We have only one planet – let’s save it for future generations!

And STAY TUNED! In the following months, we’ll have more news about our future climate-neutral projects.

We’re proud to announce that Swiss Made Direct is the best Swiss-made e-commerce platform for 2021!

Since we are the oldest online store of this type and since we focus only on original, authentic Swiss-made products, it’s needless to say that we feel that this reward is well deserved. We’ve worked extremely hard for so many years, and most importantly, we’ve always adhered to our core values.

And what are these values?

First of all, it’s originality and authenticity of our products. Our motto from the very beginning was the same as it is today – let’s bring the true spirit of Switzerland to people’s homes throughout the world. Since we’re doing it successfully for years, we feel that our customers recognized us as the trustworthy resource of original Swiss-made products. Therefore, this reward is the confirmation of our customers’ satisfaction.

The second thing is our in-depth respect towards the environment. We put a lot of effort into maintaining climate neutrality. Hence, ecological awareness is one of the key points of our business and how we operate it.

And finally, we want to thank our customers who share this reward with us. They were loyal even throughout the pandemic, which was proof that they truly appreciate our business and values. We want to thank all of you and promise that, in the years to come, we’re going to improve even more, in every possible area of our business.

This is a really huge day for all of us. Hopefully, there will be more days like this in the future because our goal is to keep being the best Swiss-made e-commerce platform! And you, our dear customers, are the ones whose satisfaction is the key to our success. So, we’ll keep listening to your wishes, and keep bringing you the true Swiss quality!

Thank you!

For more information about our Business Excellence Award, click on the links below:,

Fruit syrups are thick, clear, viscous juices prepared from natural fruit extracts. They are not the same as juices of citrus fruits, like orange or lemon juice, nor are they the same as fruit juices made from pectin, which is the substance in apples and many other fruits. Syrups have been widely used for many years to sweeten certain desserts, but they are more popular today for use in a wide variety of cocktails.

To use fruit syrups, just store them in a bottle with an airtight lid. To get the most out of them, you should store them in the refrigerator, but they also make fine additions to your cupboards if you place them in small containers.

Today, we take a closer look at Swiss fruit syrups. Swiss fruit syrups have become very popular the world over because they taste incredible and have a wonderful texture. However, they are also incredibly popular as gifts and decorations because they come in so many shapes and sizes. The amazing thing is that these syrups are not like any other type of fruit syrups out there. They are all unique and have an amazing taste that will blow your mind away.

Experience the rush of refreshment and full enjoyment of the taste that comes with Swiss fruit syrups. These beverages retain the smell and taste of fresh fruit, so they are deliciously drizzled on pancakes, waffles, or cereal. But also, you can add a splash of sparkling water, coffee, or tea or even create a unique taste by serving them with ice cream or yogurt. How many possibilities for an irresistible taste experience, but we have even more ideas for their use.

Elderflower syrup

Elderflower syrup is perfect for the preparation of soft drinks as well as for flavoring hot and cold drinks and cocktails. It tastes great in summer and any other season – just pour hot water on Elderflowers and relish their unique taste and scent.


Herbal Swiss fruit syrup

The beautiful nature of the Alps is now shown in one bottle full of herbs. This syrup is the unique mix of the Alps you can perfectly enjoy with cooled sparkling water.


Special Red One and Mint

Mint Syrup, as well as the tropical sweetness of Red Syrup, is perfect in an icy cocktail, mocktails, mochas, smoothies, and sodas. A must-have for hot and warm summer days!


These Swiss-made fruit syrups are incredible and serve any purpose. They are made by following absolute quality standards. The brand behind these incredible syrups takes extra steps to offer the best products to the end-users, from ingredients to production quality. Enjoy and have fun with tastes!

Sugar damages your teeth and your figure. A piece of chocolate here, a piece of cake there: the average Swiss often consumes too much sugar. That can have serious health consequences. But does that mean that you have to forego sweetness in your dishes? Diet-conscious people, therefore, like to use sugar alternatives such as stevia or maple syrup.

Sugar alternatives could be the solution. You can easily find them on the shelves in supermarkets or on the internet. These products often have a high price but are significantly healthier than normal household sugar. Which sweeteners are there? And are they really a useful substitute? Let’s take a closer look.


Steviol glycoside is a calorie-free sweetener that is taken out of the stevia plant. The stevia plant belongs to the chrysanthemum family and originates from the northeast of Paraguay. Hundreds of years back, the native inhabitants of Paraguay and Brazil realized the powerful sweetening power of this plant and since then have used the leaves to sweeten their own food and beverage. Stevia is also known as a honey capsule in these states because of its irresistible sweetness. Today, stevia has been cultivated in huge parts of the world and has been approved as a calorie-free sugar substitute from several countries.

Stevia is up to 300 times sweeter than conventional sugar and is obtained from the stevia plant. In addition, it is considered healthy because it does not contain any calories.


What could be more beneficial when choosing the best natural sweeteners than a product derived from the bees? Why? Because honey contains neither fat nor cholesterol and have anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects on the body. In addition, it is a natural product devoid of any calories or other substances that could lead to weight gain.

Furthermore, as a sweetener, it has a plethora of health benefits that have been proven through centuries of use. Raw honey contains high concentrations of antioxidants and other healthy compounds that can help you lose weight faster.

Just a teaspoon of this sweet nectar, for example, can easily spice up dishes.

Maple syrup

Maple syrup comes from Canada, the country with the maple leaf on the flag. Not only can it be a delicious sugar alternative, but when enjoyed in balance, it can really have some incredible health benefits. Furthermore, it contains calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, and manganese, together with at least 24 antioxidants. Maple syrup provides your body with the energy it needs during the digestion process and is absolutely low in calories and high in nutritional value.

Similar to honey, the syrup is said to have anti-inflammatory properties but is no less damaging to teeth than sugar. However, when you consume maple syrup, your blood sugar rises slowly. Also, due to the high water content, the syrup has fewer calories. Keep in mind when buying maple syrup: the lighter the color, the better. Use it for salad dressings, desserts, or classically for pancakes.

Coconut sugar

Coconut sugar comes from the nectar of the flower buds of coconut palms. It belongs to the group of palm sugar. Asian small farmers produce the sweetener painstakingly by hand: They cut the flower buds until the coconut nectar comes out. This is collected and then boiled down.

A simple swap for any sweet recipe would be coconut sugar. You still need to consume it in moderation, but coconut sugar carries far more nutrients than refined white sugar. In addition, it keeps nutrients like the minerals iron, zinc, calcium, and potassium, together with some short-chain fatty acids like polyphenols and antioxidants. That why this sweetener is a great sugar alternative!

This sweetener tastes like caramel and is only suitable for baking to a limited extent – as it does not dissolve as well as conventional sugar.


In addition to the conventional sugar alternatives, xylitol is being used more and more frequently. It belongs to the sugar alcohols.

In terms of taste, xylitol can score because it is similar to normal table sugar and is also lower in calories. In addition, it doesn’t promote tooth decay. Like all sugar alcohols, xylitol has a flatulent and laxative effect in large quantities. Therefore, observe the indicated dosages.


“If the bees die, man dies” – so the saying goes. But what can you personally do to help save the bees? Here are eight simple actions you can take to be part of the solution:

Hang bee dumplings!

Bees need your help, especially in winter when flowers are not blooming. That’s why you should hang bee dumplings in your garden or by your window during the cold season so that the insects have something to nibble on.

Eat more or less honey!

We don’t really know ourselves. It could be good for the bees if you consume more honey because there would be more beekeepers, thus more bees. On the other hand, it is bad because honey production exploits and kills the bees. Anyway, one thing is certain – the current amount of honey you eat is wrong and got us to where we are now in the first place. Change that, you bee killer!

Grow a beard!

Offer yourself as a sanctuary for an endangered swarm of bees. Positive side effect – the so-called bee beard gives you a lot of respect from other people. After all, no one wants to start a fight with such an amiable animal protector. Hipsters can refine their appearance with bee glasses and a bee shoulder bag.

Just renounce gardening forever!

Here’s the best part – just don’t lift a finger in the garden anymore. After all, trimmed lawns, weedkillers, and cut-back bushes – all of these deprive bees of their habitat. So you can lie lazily in your hammock with absolutely no worries, and whenever someone criticizes your overgrown garden, you can say you’re doing it to save the bees. Great! Idealism can be that simple.


If you get stung by a bee, let it stick!

Because of barbs in the bee’s stinger, bees die if they are removed after being stung. So if you are stung by a bee, first tranquilize the animal and then make sure it stays in the wound for the rest of its (or your) life.

Feed only on withered, dried wildflowers!

The more people feed on wilted, dried-up wildflowers – the more farmers will be forced to turn their arable land into wildflower meadows for economic reasons, which they can only harvest in the fall. Ideal conditions for bees and other insects! To make this strategy compatible with suggestion #2, you can top off your daily wildflower meals by pouring a tiny or large amount of honey on top. Bon appetit!

Always keep your hornet on a leash!

Hornets often behave aggressively towards bees and can kill you with their stings. Therefore, always keep your hornet on a leash when you take it outside your front door. Even supposedly well-behaved hornets cannot fight their instincts when you encounter a bee.

Let’s save the bees!

Only those who have lived with them for a while really know what makes bees tick. So get an appropriate disguise and join a state or wild swarm. Learn the bee dance, collect nectar, become one with the bees. Serve the queen, drive away wasps… What did you want? Never mind. You are a bee now. Bzzzzz. Bzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzz.

We’re pretty sure every true chocolate lover knows that Swiss chocolate is the best, high-quality chocolate one can find. While the Swiss produce about 150,000 tons of chocolate per year, ironically, most Swiss chocolate is consumed by the Swiss people themselves. Let’s be honest, the Swiss know what’s good for them. However, Swiss chocolate also enjoys a remarkable reputation worldwide. That’s why we came with our suggestions for the three best Swiss chocolates you absolutely have to try! All three are different brands, so we’re sure there is something for everyone, no matter your taste. Each brand is unique and has its own advantages, but the most important thing they all have in common is the Swiss quality and finest ingredients used in their products. Continue reading to check them out and find the one you like the most. Who knows, maybe your favorite Swiss chocolate bar is on this list?!


Ovomaltine is one of the oldest and best-known branded products, not only in Switzerland but also worldwide. Consumers use it as a breakfast food and sports drink in 110 countries around the world. The story begins in 1865 in a laboratory in the old town of Bern. The chemist, Dr. Georg Wander, was looking for a solution for the then widespread problem of malnutrition. Then, he developed a malt extract, which was the basis for the iconic power food. The original recipe, which remains the same to this day, contains the barley malt extract, egg, milk, and the highest quality cocoa.

Today, it is among the 20 most famous and well-known Swiss brands. Ovomaltine is sold in over a hundred countries and is very popular among consumers of all ages. In some countries, it’s known as Ovaltine.



Toblerone is one of the most famous Swiss chocolate bars there is. It’s well-known for its long-lasting flavor and insanely delicious taste. The name originates from the chocolatier’s family name “Tobler” combined with “torrone”, the Italian word for nougat. Jean Tobler chocolate products were top-rated at the end of the 19th century. Hence, in 1899 he founds with his sons the “Fabrique de Chocolat Berne, Tobler & Cie”. When his son Theodor took over in 1908, he invented a unique new chocolate: the Toblerone triangle! With its exceptional formula, the triangle chocolate bar becomes the Swiss chocolate par excellence.

Toblerone’s ingredients are only pure Swiss milk, natural honey, and some of the finest raw materials worldwide. If you are a chocolate lover, you must take a bite of this classic Swiss chocolate.

While the chocolate bar maintains its classic taste and shape, the company continues to innovate and explores new tastes. Therefore, you will enjoy the white Toblerone, dark chocolate, and even crispy coconut flavors, all in the shape of Toblerone. And for true Toblerone lovers, there is a giant Toblerone bar that contains 4,5kg of chocolate!


Frey Swiss chocolate

Frey is another top-class Swiss chocolate brand, steeped in tradition since 1887. They are not as big as Toblerone or Ovomaltine, but they have a prestigious role in the Swiss chocolate scene. What started as a small company owned by brothers Robert and Max Frey has now turned into a globally known brand. The best thing is their enormous variety, with over 50 different shapes and fillings such as ganache, gianduja, cream, or praline. This chocolate will definitely put a smile on your face!

To sum up, all of these brands have one thing in common: a passion for innovation and a great love of chocolate. From the cacao bean to the end product, they focus on high quality and impeccable taste. For all of these reasons, we can safely say that no matter brand you chose, their chocolate will bring instant happiness to your taste buds and soul on every single bite.

At Swissmade Direct, we have a vast collection of Swiss chocolate from various brands. If you want to try different Swiss chocolate, we can fulfill your needs. Browse through our inventory and order today. We’ll deliver to your doorstep!

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, we’re all aware, now more than ever, just how important hygiene and sanitization are. Simply put, proper hygiene can help protect your, your family’s, and everyone else’s health. Besides that, the ventilation of indoor spaces is super important in the fight against the COVID-19. Since viruses can be in the room air, it’s essential to minimize this risk. Today, we present you with two Belair 3000 models, Akku and Electricity, which are specially designed to fight bad odors and also coronavirus spread.


Belair 3000 is a product that provides the effective removal of odors in toilet rooms. It upholds the highest standards of comfort, functionality, quality, design, and energy efficiency. Belair is a toilet seat with an integrated filter that quickly eliminates unpleasant gases before dispersing into the surrounding environment. Adjustable screws allow for simple assembly and disassembly of the device on most toilet bowls. The device requires less than a tenth of conventional bathroom ventilation systems’ energy and saves on the loss of heating energy during cold periods of the year.

Belair 3000 Akku and Electricity models

Akku model has a high-quality Li-Ion battery, charger, and one active carbon filter that is sufficient for one year (approximately). On the other hand, one battery charge is enough for ~ 1500 min running time (around four months). The battery charge takes about four hours.

The Electricity model has the main adapter, which is the main difference. There is also one active carbon filter.

Belair Active Carbon Filter

The brand placed a lot of time, effort, and resources to ensure their product can meet the new and growing challenges. For instance, in addition to cleaning foul odors, Belair’s models come with a virus filter. This virus filter can make virus strains such as COVID-19 harmless. In other words, besides all regular filters, there’s an additional Corona filter so that COVID-19 viruses cannot spread through the toilet. Therefore it is efficient and useful for office space and public buildings where the risk from airborne virus contamination is relatively high.

Belair Active Carbon Filter is suitable for the Belair 3000 Akku model. It lasts for approximately one year.


Belair Battery Charger

Belair Battery Charger provides smooth and regular activity for your Belair 3000 models. The long-life lithium-ion batteries are suitable for thousands of charging processes. You can always charge it as an additional battery.


Belair offers a comprehensive solution for your toilet. The design is sleek, and the ventilation integrated into the toilet ring works flawlessly and very efficiently. It not only takes care of the unpleasant odor – the well-regulated ventilation is efficient enough to suck the undesirable gases and filters directly out of the air. So, each process is automatic, without the need for any human intervention. Keep the Belair Battery Charger handy and keep the Belair always active!

A woman is always full of love for her dearest ones. Therefore, she needs that attention and care to be returned. And, after all, she deserves it! Hence, that’s a big reason why we should fully dedicate ourselves to our better half on this special holiday. There is no need to tell you how important Women’s Day is; you already know it yourself. Instead, we’re going to remind you that you should do something extraordinary and original to make your lady feel special. What better way to celebrate Women’s Day than getting the perfect gift? On this occasion, we have prepared a list of the 10 best Swiss gifts that will make this day memorable! Whether you want to make your mother happy, get something nice for your sister/best friend, or surprise your girlfriend/wife, we’ve got you covered!

So, let’s begin with chocolate! The best gifts are the ones that you would want to receive yourself, and, honestly, who wouldn’t want to get delicious chocolate treat? Chocolate is the perfect gift for any occasion. In that spirit, consider one of the following three chocolate pralines for your better half!

Cailler L’Atelier Pralines

Cailler L’Atelier Pralines will thrill you with its taste! You’ll experience a genuine moment of chocolatey perfection! The box of this delicious chocolate contains four different flavors – raspberry, caramel, cacao, and hazelnut! On top of that, each piece is unique, made with cocoa beans from West Africa and Ecuador, selected nuts, and fruits.


Bachmann Praline Guardian Angel

Have you ever tried chocolate angles? One thing is sure. You will enjoy this exclusive Bachmann praline sensation. Furthermore, melting praline cream with a crunchy waffle brittle builds the filling rolled in fine, aromatic nuts. Also, it is full of the finest Swiss milk chocolate. An absolute masterpiece!


Confiseur Lindt Pralines

Last but not least, Confiseur Lindt Pralines are perfect gift for Women’s Day. Each piece of Confiseur Lindt Pralines has a unique and extraordinary range of tastes that will rejuvenate your taste buds. Each box is a marvelous combination of premium and delicious Swiss chocolate and carefully selected filling. In addition, the package looks amazing!


Moving on, we have a couple of cosmetics products for your Women’s Day gift! Carefully read what each product has to offer, and you’ll definitely find something she would prefer.

Body Shower Gel

Something for her body! Body Shower Gel helps your skin become supple and relaxed through the subtle combination of Sel des Alpes with essential lavender and orange oils. Lavender and orange oils are known for their calming and relaxing effects. Body Shower Gel offers you proper body care – day after day. It is PH-neutral, moisturizing, and lightly perfumed.


Rausch Swiss Herb Hair Tonic

Something for her hair! Rausch Swiss Herb Hair Tonic is designed to revitalize the scalp and strengthens the hair. Furthermore, it has the ability to refresh and prevents the build-up of dandruff, and alleviates itchiness. Therefore, your hair will be easier to manage and will also look healthier.


Women’s Day Face Rose Peeling

Something for her face! Face Rose Peeling gently cleanses the skin and removes impurities with its unique formula. It keeps your skin elastic and supple. In addition, upon contact with water, the peeling turns into velvety-soft milk and can provide your skin with even better moisture. Moreover, rose essential oil is known for its regenerative effects on the skin. It stimulates blood circulation and slows down skin aging.


Next on, we suggest products for overall well-being!

Beauty Collagen Matrix

Beauty Collagen Matrix offers complete care for your skin, hair, and nails. It contains a berry-vanilla flavor. Also, it is lactose and gluten-free. The box contains 25 sticks. This luxury formula contains the most important building blocks in one single drink to help you take care of your health and beauty. A perfect supplement for this years Women’s Day gift!


AromaStick Inhaler Sticks

Improve your well-being with Aromastick inhaler sticks! Balance, Calm and Relax Aromasticks will make your days better, allowing you to release the stress and feel comfortable, calm, and positive. Balance AromaStick will, as its name says, recover your balance between mind and body and destroy your weaknesses. Calm AromaStick is one of the most effective inhalers which will make you feel comfortable in high-pressure situations. Specific organic oils in Relax AromaStick will revive your mind and body and affect your mood and emotions.


If your lady prefers clothing, then we have just the right product for her!

Women’s Day T-Shirt

Celebrate Women’s Day in style! Edelvetica’s premium quality slim fit Women T-Shirt with V-neck and the short sleeve is a must-have piece of clothing this season! It is available in three color combinations – black with blue details, black with gold details, and black with silver details. Furthermore, this women’s t-shirt represents the beauty and tradition of the Swiss homeland in a modern yet simple way.

And for the end, if you really want to level-up your Women’s Day gift this year, consider a watch!

Jowissa Roma Gold Women’s Day Wristwatch

The stylish ladies’ watches of the Roma series are fashionable and versatile. Also, they are simultaneously modern and classic, the same as the great Italian city. There is a wide range of colors, three different sizes, and over 100 models. Hence, you will for sure find the right watch to suit your lady’s personality and individuality.


We hope this helps! These are our suggestions of Swiss gifts, but you should also take a look at other products in our online selection. Maybe you will find something better that suits your other half! Whatever you decide, one thing is sure. You can’t go wrong with any of these gorgeous things! And remember, you can save 15% off on all of these products from our list!
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Every year, there is a special opportunity to make happy your beloved ones with perfect Christmas gifts. Even though there are many beautiful and unique products, Swiss watches are always a few steps ahead of everything else. Why is that so?

First of all, Swiss watches are the synonym for high quality, durability, and impeccable style. Both women and men will experience that unique feel when they put it on their hands. Also, there is prestige, as a thing that nobody can overlook. Swiss watches, as the perfect Christmas gifts, are a prestigious category as well.

There is a wide variety of Swiss watches where you can choose one that fits your style the most. Depending on your style and affinities, you can either choose a watch for everyday activities or only for particular situations, such as business meetings and conferences. The point is that it is impossible not to find a watch that fits your needs.

Therefore, let’s take a look at ten Swiss Watches that are the most perfect Christmas gifts for this year. There are some new, trendy variations, as well as older ones, whose quality is already proven multiple times.

Mondaine 75 Years Anniversary Wristwatch Set

There are two sizes in Mondaine’s 75 Years Anniversary wristwatch set. A bold 40 mm case diameter and a 30 mm option for more slender wrists. Also, they took care of the design with three signature colors – red, white, and black. Both wristbands have Mondaine’s new, quick-change system, and the additional wristband is made from recycled PET bottles. The stainless steel casing offers a matte, brushed finish, as well as the beautiful, soft leather wristband with monochrome stitching. On top of that, the Mondaine’s 75 Years Anniversary box includes a specially commissioned history of the official Swiss railway clock, which makes it one of the most perfect Christmas gifts out there.


Hanowa Love Women Wristwatch Set

The most significant design feature of the Hanowa Love Women wristwatch set is a sparkling heart on a mother-of-pearl dial. The Swiss precision quartz movement allows its owner to have both quality and style. On top of that, as a special sign of Swiss-made quality, this watch carries the Swiss emblem on the dial. The slim, supple leather strap gives the watch a noble feminine touch. This Hanowa wristwatch set is available in the following three variations – rose gold/white, gold/white, and black/black.


Mondaine Essence Women Wristwatch

Mondaine Essence women wristwatch represents the stylish combination of two classics. Together, they create a unique look that will dress your wrists in style. They are put in combination with a watch in the Scottish tartan look in red, white, and black color. The woolen watch strap has a skin-friendly cork lining that is very pleasant to wear. Its water resistance is up to 30 meters. There are two options you can choose – 41mm and 32mm. Both are great and suit different styles.


Mondaine Wall Clock

Mondaine Wall Clock is a minimalist luxury that stands out with discreet, stylish elegance. Clear concepts of modern design are more simple and re-interpreted with the use of golden color. This 25-cm Mondaine Wall Clock is still tone-in-tone with a matte-finish, gilt casing, and clock hands to match. Its distinct character has remained unaltered thanks to the striking red second disc. Aluminum is a crucial case material, and there is a case back with screws.


Victorinox INOX Titanium Men Wristwatch

A high-tech spec and directional craftsmanship make Victorinox INOX Titanium a future horological icon. This Victorinox watch is tough enough to adeptly negotiate both the urban jungle and exotic climes because of the light titanium. Hence, it provides exceptional durability. Also, there is a bold second hand and choice of three rubber strap colors. Victorinox INOX is the only Swiss watch certified to withstand 130 extreme endurance homologation tests.


Red-Black Strap Concentric Watch

The concentric watch has a high-quality Swiss 2824 automatic movement. Also, there is a 42mm stainless steel case and a flat sapphire glass. Furthermore, it has a Hirsch red-black strap. The pure watch strap is entirely made from soft and supple, natural rubber. There is also a high-quality Catwalk buckle that strongly complements its square, parallel stylings. The strap is waterproof, tearproof, and hypoallergenic, which represents a magnificent combination of bold style and raw functionality. On top of that, the Concentric watch has a mineral glass back pressed, the Superluminova hands, and a red second.

Mondaine Helvetica No1 Regular Unisex Wristwatch

Here is the watch that will suit both stylish men and women – Mondaine Helvetica No1 regular Unisex wristwatch! Mondaine Helvetica No1 regular is a trendy watch. The case material is stainless steel brushed, while the dial color is white. The features of the watch also include a date function. This Mondaine watch is 30 meters water-resistant. Hence, you can wear it on different occasions and weather scenarios. This line represents one of the most unique Swiss Christmas gifts.


Wenger City Very Lady Wristwatch

A delicately designed collection meeting your daily elegance! Wenger City Very Lady will be your ideal accessory, whether you are up for a shopping journey or an elegant dinner in town. Furthermore, Wenger is one of the Swiss brands with a very long tradition of impeccable quality. Protected by a mineral glass, the silver round dial exudes plain three hands and Arabic numerals. Hence, time reading ease is guaranteed.


Jowissa Facet Gold Women Wristwatch

Like everything that comes out of Jowissa workshops, the Facet Gold collection also represents exceptional value. Hence, in order to experience this multi-faceted beauty, you should see one of these fine timepieces on your wrist. Even the cases of the Facet Gold series come in a variety of sizes. Therefore, the 29 mm offers the most combinations of colors and styles to choose from. A Jowissa watch is a thing of beauty.


Luminox Master Carbon 3800 Series

In the new Luminox Master Carbon 3800 series, the case is made of a compound, using 40% carbon in bar form. This amount of carbon changes everything. It is making the Luminox case three times lighter than titanium. Therefore, it is more durable, exceedingly hypoallergenic, and more scratch-resistant than most other materials. These watches provide constant night visibility for 25 years! Also, lithium long-life batteries last more than 8 years.



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