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OM24 Formula: Choose safe sunscreens that actually work

OM24 – sunscreens that actually work

It’s that time of the year – long days in the sun and lying on the beach for hours. You’ve all heard it a thousand times: wear sunscreen so you don’t get skin cancer! While the production and use of sunscreen has risen over the past decades, the recent reports of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) may change your mind!

sunscreens that actually work

Types of sunscreen

Not all sunscreens have the same characteristics. There are two types of basic processes that protect the skin from sun damage: with a mineral or a chemical barrier. Chemical sunscreens typically contain one or more harmful ingredients. The most notorious one of all is probably Oxybenzone. It can be so damaging to the body that they are even considering banning the sale of sunscreens containing Oxybenzone in the state of Hawaii. But more on that later.

While mineral sunscreens are usually considered a safer option, but they may also contain some chemicals and are not always as effective. Chemical creams absorb into the skin, while mineral ones create a physical barrier between the sun and the skin. That is why it is can be difficult to pinpoint the appropriate SPF.


Harmful sunscreen ingredients to avoid

The issue with chemicals like Oxybenzone is that it can easily cross through the skin and get into other body tissues. There they can cause a number of issues for your system. These chemicals act like estrogen, which means they disrupt the hormone balance in your body. In addition, they reduce sperm count for men and can contribute to endometriosis in women.

Why is Hawaii considering banning Oxybenzone?

The waters around the Hawaii islands contain more than 410,000 acres of coral reefs. The reefs support unique life that can’t be found anywhere else on earth – but the Oxybenzone in our sunscreen is killing it. The chemical is toxic to the symbiotic algae that live within coral.

Imagine this: every time you cover yourself in a conventional sunscreen and then hop into the ocean, you risk harming the coral. A single drop of this chemical damages the coral’s DNA and causes harmful mutations. In case you didn’t know – coral reefs are some of the worlds most productive ecosystems.


It’s not only about the coral

All of us take showers. The sunscreen you flush down the drain then directly travels into marine ecosystems. So even if you’re not anywhere near Hawaii, you can still damage marine life just by taking a bath or a shower.

Introducing a sunscreen with OM24

Our 4Protection sunscreen is the only sunscreen in the world with the active ingredient OM24. It is a clinically tested product that effectively protects your skin against harmful UVA/UVB rays. It also acts on the deep skin tissue and even prevents premature aging.

OM24 is a highly active blend of plant-based substances developed in Switzerland. It is a all natural product derived from whole tea plant leaves of Camellia Sinensis. This extract stabilizes cells, sub-cellular structures and supports the nervous system. In addition, the formula contains a naturally active complex of polyphenols, amino acids, trace elements and polysaccharides.

Products that contain this ingredient protect your skin and body against UV radiation, ozone, smog and even stress. Regenerate and strengthen your body cells. When you regularly apply this formula, you help your cells to build a protective shield against harmful substances and intruders.

In conclusion, the next time you go buying conventional sunscreen – think again. Explore your options and pick a product that is safe for you and the environment.

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