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4Protection Sun Cream SPF 30 100 ml

Our 4Protection Sun Cream SPF 30 offers complete sun care and protection with it’s unique formula. It it the only sunscreen that contains the special active ingredient OM 24. We guarantee you a smooth and silky experience!

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4Protection Sun Cream SPF overview

Our 4Protection Swiss Sun Cream SPF 30 offers complete sun care and protection with its unique formula. In addition, it is the only sunscreen that contains the unique active ingredient OM 24. It is scientifically proven that this ingredient protects deep skin tissue from sun-induced damage.

Because our sunscreen is parabene-free, you can use it daily without any worries. It will not only protect you from the sun with an SPF 30, but it will also prevent premature skin aging! In addition, you can also use it even if you have very sensitive skin. It is suited even for children.

For the best results, you should apply our 4Protection sunscreen about 20 minutes before sun exposure. The protection factor will nourish and regenerate your skin at the same time. Conventional sunscreens often contain unsafe ingredients and synthetic perfumes, which is not the case with our sun cream SPF 30.

We guarantee you a smooth and silky experience! The cream soaks in quickly and leaves no unwanted grease marks on your clothes. The special OM 24 formula promises 24-hour protection and regeneration of the cells.

Our products have proven to be successful even in the tough conditions of the Himalayan mountains. With the SPF 30, you will enjoy a worry-free, chemical-free summer. Make a better choice for you and your family!

The many benefits of the Swiss sun cream

Many of us have the misconception that the sun cream SPF can only be used while you are looking for a tan. However, the truth is that the regular use of high-quality sun cream offers fantastic benefits to the skin. What are those? Well, let’s discuss!

  • Harmful UV rays infiltrate our environment due to the depletion of the Ozone layer. Yes, the Sun rays are a good source of vitamin D, but over-exposure without protection can also put you at risk. Application of 4Protection sunscreen can minimize this risk significantly.
  • Sun burn is quite common, and people deal with this problem almost on a regular basis. The use of sun cream can reduce inflammation and severe skin reddening.
  • The essential ingredients and elements that come with the Swiss sun cream, such as collagen, and OM 24, give the skin protection from the sun.


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A bottle of 4Protection sun cream SPF 30 100 ml on a black background.4Protection Sun Cream SPF 30 100 ml
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