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9 Exquisite Swiss Made Gifts for Your Partner and Friends

Making your partner satisfied is not always the most straightforward task, especially if you are together for many years. In that case, you have to think about unique and original Valentine’s Day gifts to make her/him happy.

In previous posts, we were talking about watches and chocolates since these two are the synonym for quality Swiss made gifts. However, for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, we decided to go for a much different approach.

We believe that the upcoming Valentine’s Day is the right time for you to glad your beloved persons with something they don’t expect.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about Rausch, Wollbetten, and Caran d’Ache Swiss made Valentine’s Day gifts.

The products are entirely different, but still, they share two things – high-quality and uniqueness! Hence, let’s see what the best Swiss made gifts for your partner and friends for the next Valentine’s Day are.

Rausch Swiss Gifts

“The power of herbs for skin and hair” is the motto of Rausch. They work only with natural materials from special herbs.

To be more precise, they are operating with 87 herbal and plant ingredients in the form of extracts, tinctures, and oils.

On top of that, raw materials, as well as final products, are always going through comprehensive controls and dermatological tests. That’s the only way for these products to get into the market.

Care of the environment and nature, sustainability, and animal-free research are the fundamental values at Rausch.

That’s why Rausch products are excellent Swiss made gifts for this Valentine’s.

Rausch Capillary Hair Tonic

Regulation of the scalp is the most significant advantage of Rausch Capillary Hair Tonic. Essential oils and burdock root extract are mildly antiseptic.

They tone and stimulate the scalp’s blood circulation, strengthen it, and encourage your hair growth.

Apply Rausch Tonic on balding patches. However, in case of severe hair loss, you can massage it gently, without rubbing, every day.


Rausch Swiss Herb Hair Shampoo

Rausch Swiss Herb Hair Shampoo will strengthen your hair, protect the healthy scalp, and cleanse mildly.

Because of three essential extracts ­– Swiss chamomile flower, plantain, and horsetail, this shampoo will give your hair more volume and hold.

Besides strengthening your hair and revitalizing the scalp, it will also provide a super pleasant, fresh scent.

Rausch Anti Dandruff Coltsfoot Shampoo

Besides coltsfoot, a high-quality natural active complex of this Rausch shampoo also contains burdock root extract and piroctone olamine.

Since it is mildly fungicidal, it provides dandruff-free hair and a long-term, gentle anti-dandruff effect.

The effectiveness of Rausch Anti Dandruff Coltsfoot Shampoo was tested in clinical studies.

After four weeks, the dandruff reduction can go over 83%, which is a super good result.


Wollbetten Gifts

Wollbetten is a young, Swiss-based family company with its own production. They are producing products that promote restful sleep, relaxation, and health.

The best Swiss merino wool and cashmere are two primary ingredients that Wollbetten uses. Merino wool has fantastic insulating properties that have a positive effect on healthy sleep.

Every product that people at Wollbetten make is individual. In other words, every piece is custom-made and in a specific size.

One thing is sure – Wollbetten Swiss made gifts are unique and authentic!

9 Swiss Made Gifts for Your Partner and FriendsMerino Wool Head Pillow

Having a full night of healthy sleep is vital, and Wollbetten Merino Wool Head Pillow will provide you this pleasant and comfortable feeling.

It is an exceptional high-quality merino blend that gives you the right temperature – never too warm or too cold.

In addition, Merino material has fantastic insulation properties, while also being super soft and light.

Besides bringing relaxation, it will also stimulate your blood flow. And finally, it is good to know that such merino comes only from Swiss sheep.


Lambskin Leather House Slippers

Wollbetten slippers are the perfect footwear for around the home. They are cozy, warm, and soft, which makes them suitable for both men and women.

Because of natural materials that regulate the temperature, your feet will breathe.

These beautiful slippers are handmade with love and dedication. It is one of the masterpieces of the Wollbetten company.

Lambskin House Shoes

Incredible comfort is the most significant characteristic of Wollbetten Lambskin House Shoes. You can wear them all day long while spending your time around the house.

What makes these lambskin shoes unique is the high quality of the best natural materials.

This leather masterpiece is handmade with precision and love, the way only people at Wollbetten know how to approach.


Caran d’Ache Gifts

Caran d’Ache is a pencil factory from Geneva that develops high-quality writing and drawing instruments. They combine the most excellent materials with advanced, innovative skills.

The brand is well-known for its super high standards, but also for classic Swiss craftsmanship and technical excellence.

Every product has to go through strict quality control, and only then it can come to the store.

Caran d’Ache is a Swiss brand that maintains a Swiss-made quality label because they craft only the most elegant writing and drawing instruments.

Swiss made gifts at its best!

Caran d’Ache Stylo Gift Line – Original Ballpoint Pen

Offering such a lovely gift as this one means that you truly appreciate and love the person you want to glad. This Caran d’ Ache pen is a synonym for the highest Swiss quality.

Also, they created elegant boxes to emphasize the value of this fantastic pen model.

Inside of a beautiful, slim metal box, you will see the original Caran d’Ache ballpoint pen that waits for the right person to use it.


Caran d’Ache Stylo Gift Line – Brut Rose Ballpoint Pen

Another super good gift is coming from Caran d’Ache. Your beloved one will be super delighted with this beauty in her/his hands.

The high Swiss quality is what differs Brut Rose Caran d’Ache pen from everything else.

Besides, there is also an elegant box that provides even more value to this pen model. A Brut Rose Ballpoint Pen will wait for her new owner inside of the beautiful box.

Swiss Military Pen Steel with Leather Case

And finally, we have a quality pen piece coming from the Swiss Military.

If your wife or husband is spending a lot of hours in the office every day, then this is just the right Valentine’s Day present for them. Also, there is a leather case which makes it even more elegant and beautiful.


In the end, don’t forget to check other products in our offer. You will, for sure, find other exciting stuff that you can use as Valentine’s Day gifts!

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