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Ricola Sweets Herb Drops 200g

The herbs for this delicious herb drop are cultivated in the Swiss mountains using natural farming methods without chemical pesticides.

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Ricola sweets candy overview

Ricola sweets candy herb drops contain all the goodness of 13 herbs. This classic Ricola product has a distinctive cube shape and fine herb flavor. Since 1940, Ricola has been using a traditional blend of 13 fine quality herbs to produce this Swiss herb specialty to the same recipe: The blend of burnet, elder blossom, speedwell, peppermint, sage, marshmallow, thyme, lady’s mantle, horehound, plantain, cowslip, yarrow, and mallow is appreciated by consumers worldwide as relief for colds, coughs, and hoarseness.

The herbs for this delicious herb drop are cultivated in the Swiss mountains using natural farming methods without chemical pesticides.

Candy herbs without sugar from the Swiss Alps. Most famous delicious and nutritious Swiss candies because ‘we invented them’… With over 15 genuine herbs from the Swiss alps. The recent report on NZZ SwissMade TV showed the production. Sage, Speedwell, Yarrow, Marshmallow, Peppermint, Elder, Mallow, Plantain, Burnet, Lady’s mantle, Cowslip, and Horehound are the most important herbs. Sugarless edition with Isomalt, Aspartame, and Acesulfame -K, a mixture that tastes like real sugar – 990kJ/100g Real sugar version 1670kJ/100g.

The benefits of Ricola sweets

Ricola sweets are good and delicious. It gives hope to the people who have restrictions on sugar consumption. So if you’re trying to lose weight or want to lead a wholesome life, you can eat sugar-free candies like Ricola.

  • Ricola sweets candies can satisfy your sweet tooth with less impact on your blood sugar than their full-sugar counterparts.
  • If you have diabetes, these candies may be a better alternative for keeping the level of blood sugar stable.
  • Excess sugar in the body releases insulin, elevates your blood sugar levels and triggers tryptophan. This process will make you feel sleepy & sluggish. Therefore, the sugar-free alternative is a better choice.


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Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Sugar, glucose syrup, extract of the Ricola 13-herb mixture 42mg (ribwort, marshmallow, peppermint, thyme, sage, lady's mantle, elderberry, cowslip, yarrow, beaver shrubs, honor, mauve, adorn), caramel, menthol 2.6mg, peppermint oil 2.6mg

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Ricola Sweets Herb Drops 200g. Delicious ricola candyRicola Sweets Herb Drops 200g
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