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Assugrin Original Sweetener 300 Tablets

Brand: Assugrin

Assugrin in the practical dosing dispenser contains the sweeteners saccharin and cyclamate. Also, it’s suitable for people with diabetes and vegans.


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Assugrin Original Sweetener

Assugrin original sweetener is excellent for sweetening tea and coffee. It is a brand name for a sugar substitute. In addition, one Assugrin is equivalent to a lump of sugar. Enjoy its simple sweetness.

In the practical dosing, the dispenser contains the sweeteners saccharin and cyclamate, is calorie-free, suitable for people with diabetes, and is vegan. Also, try it with light cuisine.

In more complicated words, it’s a “Tabletop sweetener based on cyclamate and saccharin.” 

Besides, it’s ideal for all light desserts, for cooking, baking, and preserving. There are 300 tablets in Assugrin original sweetener package!

High-quality table sweets

The desire for something sweet in everyday life is what drives us. So, Hermes Susstoff specializes in high-quality table sweets in all known dosage forms – in dispensers, powders, and liquids. The company, founded in 1904, sells and produces not only Assugrin but also the internationally known brands Hermesetas and SteviaSweet. Today, Assugrin original sweetener is mainly known and loved in Switzerland, Austria, Spain, and Brazil.

Hermes Susstoff maintains the highest product standards, has the excellent local market knowledge, and has been working with leading sales partners for many years; this shows in their products’ continued success. Hence, every true customer trusts the making process!

Calories, carbohydrates: 0.

19.5 g.

To lead a wholesome lifestyle, people are more leaning towards a diet without sugar. However, the alternatives they have is limited. Therefore, sometimes even though they want to reduce sugar consumption, they can’t. Fortunately, things have started to change. Today, products like Assugrin original sweetener are here to help people take a bold step for their and their loved ones well being. Therefore, if you want to lead the best lifestyle and look for ways to reduce sugar consumption, an original sweetener from Switzerland will be the perfect companion to help you reach your goal.

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Cyclamate, bulking agent: sodium carbonate, acidity regulator: sodium citrate, sweetener: saccharin


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