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Bee Family Lavender Honey 140 g


Bee Family lavender honey is considered to be the ideal accompaniment to fruits, ice cream, and mellow desserts. It has a lovely, delicate mild taste.

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Bee family lavender honey overview

From the vastness of the Russian steppes comes Bee Family lavender honey. It has a lovely, delicate, mild taste, a light floral aroma, and a light and creamy texture. Therefore, in the kitchen, lavender honey is considered to be the ideal accompaniment to fruits, ice cream, and mellow desserts.

Also, you can use Bee Family lavender honey as a spice. For example, chili for marinating raw pears is a perfect match for homemade yogurt. Or have you ever made homemade lavender ice cream? A heavenly poem!

Color: Shining golden yellow
Origin: Russia
Taste: Mild and delicate with light floral aromas
Texture: Creamy

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