Assugrin Liquid Sweetener 200 ml


Assugrin Liquid Sweetener is great for sweet treats such as desserts, baked goods, jams, and hot and cold drinks. Enjoy it with your family!

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Assugrin Liquid Sweetener

Assugrin Liquid Sweetener is perfect for all light cuisine dishes. In more complicated words, it’s a “Tabletop sweetener based on cyclamate and saccharin.”

For cooking : 1 tsp Assugrin sweetener (5ml) = 10 tsp sugar (approx. 50 g).
For drinks and yogurt: 10 drops Assugrin = 1 teaspoon sugar. 200ml.
Perfect dose: ten drops of Assugrin are liquid and sweet like a teaspoon of sugar.

Besides, it’s great for sweet treats such as desserts, baked goods, jams, and hot and cold drinks.The essential elements are the sweeteners – saccharin and cyclamate. It is calorie-free, vegan, and suitable for people with diabetes. The 200 ml plastic bottles have a dosing cap – convenient with the intense taste of Assugrin Liquid Sweetener.

The company behind the Assugrin sweetener

The desire for something sweet in everyday life is what drives us. So, Hermes Susstoff specializes in high-quality table sweets in all known dosage forms – in dispensers, powders, and liquids. The company, founded in 1904, sells and produces not only Assugrin but also the internationally known brands Hermesetas and SteviaSweet. Today, Assugrin liquid sweetener is mainly known and loved in Switzerland, Austria, Spain, and Brazil.

Hermes Susstoff maintains the highest product standards, has the excellent local market knowledge, and has been working with leading sales partners for many years; this shows in their products’ continued success. Furthermore, as a Swiss brand, the organization strictly follows the product quality and standards. Hence, every true customer trusts the making process!

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Demineralized water, sweeteners: cyclamate and saccharin, preservative: sorbic acid


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