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Rimuss Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine

Brand: Rimuss

Rimmus alcohol-free sparkling wine is a classic masterpiece! This Swiss combination of two non-alcoholic champagnes provides a fresh, tingling sensation for your taste buds. Enjoy a stylish and delicious drink without the side effects!


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Non alcoholic sparkling wine overview

Alcohol consumption is harmful to our bodies. It is proven; therefore, we must keep our distance from it. And this is why the consumption of non alcoholic sparkling wine is improving daily. And with more and more people exploring for a better, much more active lifestyle, these drinks are destined to serve these purposes. Enjoy non alcoholic sparkling wine with these two magnificent bottles.

Rimuss Blanc Party non alcoholic sparkling wine

This sweet grape juice is fruity and sparkling with discreet Moscatobouquet. It is a refreshing and spicy drink for every opportunity. Also, it is great for mixed drinks and bowling. Furthermore, Rimmus Blanc Party is all-natural, containing only saffron fruit fructose.

Rimmus Secco

Rimuss Secco is a stylish alternative to Prosecco and champagne but without alcohol. Therefore, this aperitif drink contains not only sparkling grape juice but also non-alcoholic wine. Rimmus alcohol-free sparkling wine is a fresh, less sweet enjoyment for every passionate drinker. 

Get Non alcoholic sparkling wine online

Simply swapping out a glass of alcoholic drink with these sparkling wines will truly serve you better. It is not very tough to make the jump! You still get to experience a glass of wine at your convenience but enjoy the many advantages of reducing your alcohol intake.

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Weight 2.000 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm



100% natural, alcohol free


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