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Swiss German Dictionary


Swiss German Dictionary is perfect inexpensive gift for your guests, customers, or friends, so that they can immediately feel at home in Switzerland.

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Swiss German Dictionary

Swiss German Dictionary contains 64 pages translated into German and English. It’s a perfect inexpensive gift for your guests, customers, or friends so that they can immediately feel at home in Switzerland. Moreover, this book is ideal for all who want to move or visit the German-speaking part of Switzerland and wish to better understand the dialect spoken in the Swiss-German area.

What is “chuchichäschtli”?

A word on the cover – Chuchichäschtli

If you take a closer look at the word, you will probably notice relatively quickly that the Chuchichäschtli is a compound word. The Chuchichäschtli is made up of Chuchi and Chäschtli. In German-speaking Switzerland, you certainly don’t have to explain to anyone what it is about, but if you don’t speak Swiss German, you will probably have some questions.

The correct translations of the two terms into standard German are kitchen and box. Yes, the Swiss like the diminutive, so we say little box and don’t talk about the box or cupboard.

Therefore, Chuchichäschtli is a small kitchen cupboard. :)

A famous Swiss comedian, Marco Rima, gave such a lovely tribute to this word in this music video:

Quite a difference…

You have probably heard before that people speak German in Switzerland. That’s a common misconception! They actually speak Swiss German, which is an entirely different language than German. In addition, Swiss German has its own pronunciation, a lot of different words, and unique grammar, (which you can all learn in the Swiss-German Dictionary). Moreover, many Germans have a hard time understanding this language!

The German-speaking Swiss write standard German, that’s true – there is no Swiss German official language; however, they use the dialect when writing e-mails, some literature, etc.

On the other hand, the Swiss can also speak standard German very well. But, they consider it a foreign language and need to learn how to use it in school.

A quick guide

Gain the skills to understand and speak one of the most not understandable languages in Europe! In this Swiss-German dictionary, you can learn some most common words, special expressions, and even how to impress a Swiss! We hope you find this guide useful when in Switzerland, or just have fun learning a new language! If you want to learn more about Swiss people than just their language, make sure to visit our blog Swiss People – What You Should Know About Us?

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