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RÖSSLEIN-HÜ Children’s Story Book

Take your kids to the wonderful story land of Uncle Peter and his Rösslein-Hü. “The adventures of the little wooden horse” is one of the classic Swiss stories for children.

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RÖSSLEIN-HÜ Children’s Story Book


The Rösslein-Hü kid’s storybook was out of print for a long time, but it is now reissued and available again! “The adventures of the little wooden horse” is one of the classic Swiss stories for children. Whole generations have grown up reading this delightful story about Peter the woodcarver and his wooden toy horse.

Take your kids to the wonderful Story book land of Uncle Peter and his Rösslein-Hü. One evening, Uncle Peter the woodcarver carves the most beautiful little horse. He is very pleased, as he will surely find a buyer for it. But the horse, Rössli, has another plan. He does not want to leave Peter’s side. When Peter gets sick, Rössli goes out on a hunt to help his friend. On his travels, he experiences many adventures…

“The adventures of the little wooden horse” is a kid’s story written by the English author Ursula M. Williams. She wrote and illustrated over 70 children’s stories.

This is one of those stories that is passed down from generation to generation. Parents read it to their kids, who in turn read it to their kids, and so on. The Rösslein-Hü kid’s story book is such a classic it has almost reached cult status! It addresses issues like poverty, illness, wandering, friendship, and love, all of which are topics that make reading exciting for children, as well as touching and emotional.

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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Additional Information

Size: 13.8x21cm
Suitable for small children
100% FSC wood (SQS-COC-024024)
Swiss wood reg. No. Lignum 70-0011
CE / conformity according to EN71

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R™SSLEIN Hš Childrens Story BookRÖSSLEIN-HÜ Children’s Story Book
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