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The Wooden Cow Trauffer toys

With it’s charming cow bell, it is no wonder why the wooden cow has been one of the most popular wooden toys in Switzerland for 75 years. Available in four beautiful variations, the wooden cow is like a tiny piece of Switzerland in your home!


Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Additional Information

Size: 10x6x3cm
Hand painted
Suitable for small children
100% FSC wood (SQS-COC-024024)
Swiss wood reg. No. Lignum 70-0011
CE / conformity according to EN71

The Wooden Cow toys overview

If you’re in search of the perfect playtime companion for your little one, look no further than our delightful Wooden Cow Toys. Crafted with love and precision, these timeless wooden toys are designed to spark imagination, encourage creativity, and bring endless joy to children of all ages.

With so many different toys to choose from, it is not uncommon to get overwhelmed by the choices of parents. While buying a toy, you have to consider a few basic principles. For instance, the toy should be safe, not costly, and durable. While plastic toys are cheap and readily available, many parents often overlook wooden toys. Playthings such as wooden cow toys are truly ingenuine and bring many benefits. Here is a brief list-

  • Wooden Toys are timeless
  • Wooden Toys are durable
  • Wooden Toys encourage imagination
  • Wooden Toys are less distracting
  • Wooden Toys develop reasoning skills
  • Wooden Toys are safe
  • Wooden Toys are quite

Bring joy to your loved ones with one of the favorite Trauffer toys – the wooden cow. The classic Swiss cow is ideal for your friends, family, or yourself! Both children and adults will adore it!

Trauffer has produced wooden toys for three generations: each is an individual piece with slight differences. However, the best Swiss craftsman carves every toy with care and attention. This cute cow toy is no different. The wooden toy is available in four beautiful variations, like a tiny piece of Switzerland in your home!

Enjoy the real Swissness

Once kids get done having fun with their new wooden cow toy, they can be easily washed off and cleaned up after. These toys are educational, too, by encouraging kids to learn colors, shapes, numbers, and more. With such an extensive list of benefits that come with wooden cow toys, it’s no wonder why this is one of the most popular items sold online today for children of all ages.

Trauffer cow toys come from an authentic online Switzerland shop that stands for Swiss quality, craftsmanship, and wood. In addition, each product is original and has an individual character. This adorable cow is a unique contrast in a world where plastic, flashing lights, and computers dominate! Made from 100% Swiss FSC wood, this wooden cow is a small step towards a more sustainable and responsible environment.

With its charming cowbell, it is no wonder why the Trauffer cow has been one of Switzerland’s most popular wooden toys for 75 years. Trauffer Switzerland toys bring a smile to people’s faces! Not only that, but it is a product with meaning that helps keep the planet healthy and your home looking great!

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