Helvetiq Grand Tour Europe Game


Let your kid become travel lover and geography wizard! With Helvetiq Grand Tour Europe game they will learn a lot while having a lot of fun. And you’re going to play this, too!

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Are your children in elementary school? We have nice Easter gift idea for them! They will become geography wizards with Helvetiq Grand Tour Europe game! But hey, if you are travel lover, you’re going to play this game with them, too. And why not, even the old people can play this Helvetiq game.

How to play?

Players answer questions using their countries cards. The two types of questions, speed, and knowledge are the main reasons why the game is fun for everyone. You have to answer questions correctly to win game tokens end earn victory points before your opponents do. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. Learning through having a lot of fun is what makes this game so exciting!

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