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Take an adventure with Gollo and his colorful parrot companion Papagollo. Follow our characters all around the world and learn about it’s beauty in a non-violent, playful and instructive way.


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Papagallo & Gollo Audio Stories


Papagallo & Gollo are characters from Switzerland’s charming series of audio stories for kids. Take an adventure with Gollo and his colorful parrot companion Papagollo. This product truly brings the family together and lets you connect!

The idea behind the creation of these papagallo & gollo audible books is fairly simple: the focus of the story should always be on the child. These audio stories are free from any violence. Furthermore, the language is specifically tailored to the child’s age. Many modern illustrated stories are anything but child friendly. They often propagate brutal and aggressive behavior. On the other hand, in papagalloa & Gollo’s stories, children can learn about the beauty of the world in a non-violent, playful, and instructive way.

Follow the playful stories

Follow our characters all around the world: to the North Pole, Asia, Africa, and many more. Most of all, you can sing along with your children or maybe learn how to accompany them with an instrument!

Furthermore, the most famous rock singer in Switzerland, Gölä, wrote, sang, and spoke these Papagallo’s playful stories. His heart is in the values like authenticity, tradition, a passion for children, and pure Swiss quality. 

Original and authentic products like this are getting harder to come by. That is why it is incredibly important to spend time with your child constructively. So get on board and find out why this lovely product is one of the best audio stories for kids!

  • Easy to use
  • Highly portable
  • Loved by everyone
  • Great playful stories

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