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TEBODONT Toothpaste Without Fluoride 75 ml | Wild Pharma

TEBODONT Toothpaste Without Fluoride is the best toothpaste for your oral hygiene! It is perfect for daily oral and dental care.

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Weight 0.180 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm



Tebodont Toothpaste 75 ml – Without fluoride
Glycerin, Silica, Aqua, Xylitol, Propylene Glycol,
Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG-40-Hydrogenated Castor
Oil, PEG-8, Cellulose Gum, Dipotassium Phosphate, Titanium
Dioxide, Sodium Chloride, Saccharin, Melaleuca Alternifolia,
Aroma, Limonene.

TEBODONT Toothpaste Without Fluoride

Tebodont Toothpaste Without Fluoride is the best toothpaste for your oral hygiene! It is perfect for daily oral and dental care, helps relieve irritated gums and oral mucosa and enhances plaque removal. In addition, it contains tea tree oil, without sodium fluoride. Furthermore, it inhibits the formation of plaque, cares for and strengthens the gums.

TEBODONT: Elevate Your Oral Care Experience

Experience a revolution in daily oral care with TEBODONT. This exceptional line of products harnesses the natural goodness of tea tree oil to not only soothe and fortify your gums but also deliver enduring freshness while actively combating plaque formation and caries.

Discover the TEBODONT Difference:

  • Herbal Harmony: TEBODONT seamlessly complements chlorhexidine, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking herbal alternatives.
  • Pure and Preservative-Free: TEBODONT formulations are devoid of alcohol and preservatives, ensuring they are perfect for long-term treatment.
  • Unlock Benefits: Say goodbye to teeth stains, taste alterations, and embark on an optimal journey of daily and long-term oral care.

Wild Pharma: Spearheading Swiss OTC Oral Care Excellence

Wild Pharma’s supremacy in the Swiss OTC oral care domain remains unrivaled. They proudly export their meticulously clinically tested product portfolio, enriched with exclusive key ingredients, to nearly 40 countries worldwide, reshaping the global oral care landscape.

Pledging to Quality

  • Pinnacle of Production: Wild Pharma’s state-of-the-art facilities embody the highest production standards, equipped with cutting-edge modernization and automation for unwavering quality control and assurance.
  • The Essence of Purity: Every toothpaste, gel, and mouth rinse originates from purified water, a testament to their commitment to purity.
  • Championing Sustainability: Wild Pharma is a torchbearer of sustainability, harnessing solar energy, embracing recyclable materials, eliminating secondary packaging, and drastically reducing their carbon footprint.

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Wild Pharma Tebodont Toothpaste Without Fluoride - 75 ml natural oral care.TEBODONT Toothpaste Without Fluoride 75 ml | Wild Pharma
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