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Where is CBD allowed? Full list of countries

Demand for CBD has grown exponentially in recent years, not only among consumers but also as research continues to show its therapeutic benefits. In fact, by 2023, the European CBD market is estimated to reach €1.4 billion.

However, we still have a major issue: where is CBD allowed? There is a great deal of confusion and uncertainty regarding what is legal and what isn’t.

This infographic from Elements of Green (picture below) tries to shed light on the innately complex legal status of CBD products in Europe so users can be aware of the regulations in their country before purchasing them online.

Here’s a full list of countries in Europe where CBD is allowed:

  • Albania | Illegal
  • Andorra | Illegal
  • Armenia | Illegal
  • Austria | Legal grey area (legal lean)
  • Belarus | Illegal
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina | Illegal
  • Belgium | Legal grey area (restricted lean)
  • Bulgaria | Unrestricted
  • Czech Republic | Legal grey area (legal lean)
  • Croatia | Legal grey area (legal lean)
  • Denmark | Unrestricted
  • Estonia | Legal grey area (legal lean)
  • Finland | Legal grey area (restricted lean)
  • France | Unrestricted
  • Georgia | Illegal
  • Germany | Unrestricted
  • Greece | Unrestricted
  • Hungary | Legal grey area (legal lean)
  • Iceland | Legal grey area (legal lean)
  • Ireland | Legal grey area (restricted lean)
  • Italy | Legal grey area (restricted lean/legal for medical use)
  • Latvia | Legal grey area
  • Liechtenstein | Legal grey area
  • Lithuania | Illegal
  • Luxembourg | Unrestricted
  • Malta | Legal grey area/legal for medical use
  • Moldova | Illegal
  • Monaco | Illegal
  • Montenegro | Illegal
  • Netherlands | Unrestricted
  • North Macedonia | Legal for medical use
  • Norway | Legal for medical use
  • Poland | Unrestricted
  • Portugal | Legal for medical use
  • Romania | Unrestricted
  • Serbia | Legal grey area (restricted lean)
  • Slovakia | Illegal
  • Slovenia | Unrestricted
  • Spain | Unrestricted
  • Sweden | Unrestricted
  • Switzerland | Unrestricted
  • Ukraine | Unrestricted
  • United Kingdom | Unrestricted

To sum up, while a few European countries have declared it illegal to buy, import, or possess CBD, the great majority of countries have legalized it.

Furthermore, since each country has its own set of restrictions, CBD users should first educate themselves about the legislation and laws that apply to them before purchasing any online.

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