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Easter is coming!

Easter is such a fun holiday. Especially when your house is full of your dearest people. It’s always nice to spend a whole day with your family. You have time to play with children, but also to talk with some relatives, you haven’t seen in a while. Wonderful holiday atmosphere! Furthermore, the decoration is one of the most important Easter things. The colored eggs and different bunny creations are the first things that come to our mind. But, there are many other crafting and cooking ideas which are suitable for this kind of holidays. Also, Easter represents a time of the year when the flowers start blooming, and cold weather is moving away. In other words, we say hello and welcome to the spring!

However, even though we already have some routines for Easter preparations, it is always important to be innovative and original. Especially when it comes to children’s presents.


Easter gift ideas

Imagine the perfect holiday atmosphere. The adults are laughing and talking about some old Easter anecdotes. In other room, kids are occupied with playing games. They look so sweet and happy, and you have to go there and play with them! But sometimes, they could be difficult to entertain. It is usually because they get bored of something they’ve already seen or played with. Hence, you need to make them happy with some unique, original Easter gift ideas. And what do they adore? Well, they like a lot of things, but mostly chocolates, games and crayons! You can never go wrong with these things. And that’s why we’ve decided to present you some unique Swiss Easter gifts which will make them more than happy.


Chocolate eggs and bunnies

The eggs are Easter trademark. It’s a big tradition in almost every country. Even if you don’t eat them, the characteristic holiday colors and decorations will win over your heart. And kids love them, too. But, what do they like more? Chocolate, of course! Every boy and girl adores good chocolate more than anything else. Hence, why wouldn’t you gladden them with the combination of these two things? The Swiss chocolate is well known throughout the world for it’s highest quality and design. And the same applies to these astounding eggs. Whether you choose Cailler, Frey, Laederach or Ragusa, one thing is sure – they are all beautiful and yummy! When you see them eating one of these, you’re going to wish you had one for yourself. Think about it.

Chocolate bunnies represent another cool Easter gift. Kids love rabbits. And if they are also made of chocolate – it could not be better! Just think of the huge smile on his/her face while holding this cute bunny. Furthermore, there are more thrilling chocolate creations. Like Calimero!

Games and crayons

Kids love playing games. They can occupy their attention for an infinite time. But, as we said earlier, kids can be tough to satisfy. Therefore, the game you offer to them has to be interesting and original. So the question is – what meets these expectations? Helvetiq games and puzzles are the answer! While playing any of these games boys and girls will have a lot of fun. Not only it will occupy them on Easter day, but they will play it for the next few months. Maybe even years. But that’s not all. Games are also made to stimulate their little brain cells with memory and speed challenges. Most importantly, children will practice and learn a lot while having fun!

Crayons and colored pens are another things which can make them wholly focused and happy. Imagine the most lovely Easter picture. The girl/boy sitting in your lap and drawing animals, people or some cartoon creatures. How cute! Caran D’Ache colored pens are representing the famous Swiss quality. Furthermore, they’re not intended only for children. If you are a fan of coloring or even a professional creative artist, you’re going to love them.

There is one more thing you should have in mind. For any of these gorgeous products, you have a massive 15% discount. So you can save a lot while making this Easter memorable and your kids happier than ever! Bingo!

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