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A unique Swiss drink Rivella Green Tea

Rivella Green Tea is a unique combination of taste and benefits

The Swiss drink Rivella is among Switzerland’s best-known drinks. The soft drink, whose original version is the Rivella Red, contains milk whey, as well as fruit and herb extracts. One of the most recent versions of the drink is Rivella Green. Developed with pure green tea extract, a unique Swiss drink Rivella Green Tea is a move towards enhanced nutritional benefits.


The familiar, yet improved Swiss drink Rivella Green Tea

Rivella Green Tea contains all the goodness of Rivella taste, with the added refreshing flavor of green tea. Just like the regular version of the drink, this soda contains only 5 calories per 100 ml. Not only is this soft drink healthy with its high milk whey content, but it is also uniquely soothing because of the green tea benefits. If you feel your soft drinks were missing something then maybe this is it! No other drink is this tasty and this healthy at the same time. Some say it reminds them of an iced tea, but with bubbles!


Enjoy the blend of milk whey and Rivella green tea

We’ve talked about the amazing benefits of milk whey before. The characteristic Rivella taste is based on this unusual ingredient. Not only the flavor but also multiple positive effects on the body lie in the use of whey. For example weight loss, blood sugar regulation, and heart disease prevention, to name a few.

In addition to the milk whey, this drink also brings amazing green tea benefits. It is loaded with powerful antioxidants, consequently, it protects your cells and molecules from damage. It also increases fat burning and improves general physical performance. So if you are trying to lose weight, the Rivella Green is the ideal drink for you!

Discover the Swiss drink Rivella with a twist

While we love the classic Rivella taste, the green version is an amazing product for alleviating the stress of the everyday. There is no other drink on the market that refreshes and revives in this way. Say no to over-sweetened fizzy drinks. After sports activities, with lunch or just because it is the ultimate thirst quencher.


If you prefer the classic taste, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From the low-calorie Blue Rivella to the Rivella Red, we have a version that suits each and every taste out there! Don’t compromise your health any longer. Choose a soft drink that you can enjoy every day and improve your health!


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