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Refreshing Elmer Citro with Divine Spring Mineral Water

Elmer Citro is a Swiss drink that has a deep root with history and our solar system! That’s right, Elmer Citro is not an average soft drink. There’s a lot of more underlying that an average bottle soft drink. The legend of Elm is well known to Switzerland’s residents, and it is spreading fast, mainly after UNESCO recognized the place as a World Heritage Site. If you do not know about this place, you might be thinking about what’s unique regarding this mountain and the area? Well, to answer that, we have to travel back in history.

Elmer Citro History

It was a French dissident and natural scientist H. Besso in 1777 who first recognized the something exceptional about the Falzaber mountain. Unlike other mountains, mount Falzaber had a round hole. The whole was observable from the neighboring village, and it looked like the diameter was about three feet. If you see this hole on a regular day, you might not recognize the importance of it. On few special days, particularly on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of March and on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of September of ancient times, something spectacular happened. On those special days when the sun passed behind the hole, one can see its full round on the 4th and 5th, illuminating Elm’s church tower. According to the inhabitants, the hole is quite huge, and the diameter can be about 25 feet.

From the Swiss rock straight into your home

Years have passed since the advent of Swiss soft drink from Elm. Throughout its journey, the brand has established a strong presence with its unique, natural, and exceptional taste. Today, Elm’s brand name has become a part of daily life for a considerable population throughout the country and the world. The authentic natural flavor has won the heart and soul of young and old.

The Elm drink is healthy for its proven recipe and highest quality control. However, what makes this drink is unique and special is the mineral water. These are located above Elm at 1200 meters from the sea level under the divine mountain depths, far away from industrial chaos and farming use. And directly from the World Natural Heritage area! The bottled Elm drink water has a very significant tie with one of the world’s most recognized landmarks and natural phenomena. And every sip of it will make you realize something extraordinary.

Soul rejuvenation

The production of Elmer Citro has been following decade-old traditional recipes to produce the freshest soft drinks. The use of oil from the handpicked and fresh lemon peel gives the drink a nourishing and refreshing flavor. Enriched with good clean spring water from the St. Martins sources in Elm, Elmer Citro is undoubtedly a drink that will rejuvenate your soul with natural refreshment.

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