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Bee Family Lime Blossom Honey 350 g

Brand: Bee Family

Heavy flowing, yellow-green, mildly aromatic, with a subtle hint of menthol and a light coolness on the tongue – Bee Family lime blossom honey.


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Bee family lime blossom honey Overview

Bee Family lime blossom honey comes from Slovenia, where the mother of all lime trees is standing. It is 770 years old and with a trunk diameter of 12.5 meters. Furthermore, Sultan Süleyman, the greatest leader of the Ottoman Empire, is said to be buried under a linden tree and the Teutons worshiped the sacred “Freya lime trees” as the seat of good spirits which should bring love, happiness, fertility and a good home.

Many myths and legends entwine around the lime blossom trees, as well as the lime blossom honey. Heavy flowing, yellow-green, mildly aromatic, with a subtle hint of menthol and a light coolness on the tongue, fine-sweet in the taste, the Bee Family lime honey stands out from other kinds of honey. And here’s a very special recipe for a special dinner: whisk milk, cream, lime blossom honey, and eggs without frothy.

The Swiss quality

Bee family lime blossom honey is fantastic and delicious. Made by Swiss brands, this honey has the best quality and highest standards. From ingredients to the production process, everything is checked precisely to offer the end-users the best experience.

Color: Bright amber
Taste: Fine-sweet in the taste; mild aromatic odor, subtle menthol taste with a light cool on the tongue
Origin: Slovenia
Consistency: Difficult-flowing to solid-crystalline

A sweet spread that is ideal for kids and adults alike. Loved by thousands of people around the world, and the numbers are growing at an incredible speed. If you want to experience the best and most authentic taste, get it directly from Switzerland.

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