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Kambly Naturalplan Bio Crunchy Crackers Apero Herzli 160g

Bio product. Crispy pretzels. Naturaplan – since 1993. The strict guidelines of Bio Suisse apply to this product. They exceed the minimum legal requirements for organic products.

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Kambly Naturalplan Bio Crackers Overview

Bioproduct. Crispy pretzels. Naturaplan – since 1993. The strict guidelines of Bio Suisse apply to Kambly Naturalplan Bio Crackers. They exceed the minimum legal requirements for organic products. The unique and exquisite taste blended with Swiss ingredients and recipe makes these snacks unforgettable.

The details of Ingredients of Kambly Naturalplan Bio Crackers

Kambly Naturalplan Bio Crackers is mixed with a diverse range of Swiss-made ingredients. Most of them are from local sources. This means they are fresh and carry essential nutrients. Few of those important ingredients are as follows- Wheat flour (Switzerland, Europe, North and South America), palm oil (Madagascar, Colombia), salt, invert, barley malt, yeast, cane sugar, dried leaven powder (rye flour, wheat gluten, acerola fruit powder [on maltodextrin, barley malt, lactic acid bacteria], leavening agent [sodium bicarbonate, lemon juice concentrate], leavening agent [sodium], lemon juice concentrate, surface treatment: sodium hydroxide. All agricultural ingredients that are being used to make Kambly Bio Crackers are organic.

Kambly Bio Cracker Nutrition information of containing 100g

  • Energy in kJ 1830
  • Energy in Kcal 435
  • Protein 11 g
  • Carbohydrates 65 g
  • Fat 14 g

May contain: Sesame, milk, eggs, almonds, hazelnuts

People throughout the world are steadily growing habits of using bio-product. Bio or organic products have many benefits for the consumer as well as the environment. Foods made with organic products tend to offer more nutritious benefits, which, in turn, makes the person healthy. If you were searching desperately for organic snacks, Kambly bio Cracker might be the thing you were looking for. The organic ingredients, coupled with a great recipe, give hope to people who are conscious about their health and environment.

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