Whole Grain Crackers DarVida 375g


Whole grain crackers- meet a small meal fantasy, the grain crackers which are not only individually tasty, handy and do not crumble, they are also an excellent source of fiber and iron, and even more.

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Whole Grain Crackers DarVida: Meet your ideal food between meals

The Whole Grain Crackers DarVida stands for natural, convenience and vigor food. They are low in fat, free of trans-fats and preservatives, but 100 % whole wheat. Therefore, you might haven’t seen too much around the crackers like these. The whole wheat crackers, so freshly due to the particular package which provide your body the natural energy.

DarVida Whole Wheat Crackers: Untreated Raw Materials for the Crispy Pleasure

Whole Grain Crackers DarVida are made of the grain which is carefully baked together with Swiss oil and other natural raw materials. However, this also means the irresistible taste! These biscuits are very crunchy, with a rough texture, and you can feel yourself bite through all the nutritious whole grains in the cracker. Use it on their own or with a spread you will enjoy the crispy pleasure, suitable also for any vegetarian.

Great outdoor companion

Everyone needs energy, and the best way to get this is by consuming food. While you are at home, office, or school, you can get plenty, but you need to pack them if you are outdoors. Therefore, the biscuits can be a great camping companion. Packed with essential nutrients and vitamins, it can deliver energy as well as keep your stomach full. Hence, do not forget to pack one or two crackers while you are planning for an adventure.

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Stone ground whole wheat flour 88 %, colza oil, sea salt, yeast, barley malt extract, raising agent: sodium carbonates. May contain traces of sesame seeds.


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