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DAR-VIDA Overview

DAR-VIDA, a Swiss brand well known to many throughout the world. For many, the brand is known for offering tasty and healthy crackers made of whole grain. The original DAR-VIDA product has been made since the 40s by using freshly kibbled wheat grain ground in stone mills and baked. DAR-VIDA, the Swiss brand been part of the HUG product range for several years. And achieved great success and reaching to more and more homes throughout the world. DAR-VIDA is wholemeal baked goods and a renowned brand in the respective business niche.

DAR-VIDA a healthy Swiss crackers

DAR-VIDA is a pioneer of making healthy wholemeal crackers. They are quite famous among Swiss people. It has been noted that more than 90% of Swiss people know about this brand, and the number is growing throughout the world as well. The crackers hold the natural energy of the fresh grain.

Freshly made in Swiss stone mills, the grain is baked with a delicate process to ensure the ingredients do not lose any integrity.

The gluten-free crackers are made with chickpeas, including lentils; they are also loaded in dietary fibers, including lasting satiety. DAR-VIDA is comfortable, small, and doesn’t decay – in short, the excellent snack for in between meals.

Great for Snack and when you are hungry

At Swissmade Direct, we are glad to have the Dar-Vida at our disposal. The company has been well known for offering the best for its customers. The crackers are low in fat, free of trans-fats and preservatives. However, they are again made with 100 % whole wheat. Hence, you can be sure that you won’t found around the crackers like these. The healthy whole wheat crackers and made with natural ingredients. They are great for snack time as well whenever you are feeling hungry.

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