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Original Cola Froschli Bonbons 140 g

Original Cola Froschli Bonbons are sweet hard candies in the shape of little frogs that have a unique cola taste.


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Original Cola Froschli Bonbons

Original Cola Froschli Bonbons are sweet hard candies in the shape of little frogs that have a unique cola taste. For almost 80 years, this delicious candy has been a source of pleasure, great joy, and nostalgia in Switzerland. Furthermore, since 2008, it has officially been a part of Switzerland’s culinary heritage.

It tastes sour, sweet, and a bit like Coca-Cola. Moreover, it always excites the taste buds! And it can do something that physicists do not believe is possible! It can even overcome the laws of physics and make it possible to travel through time to the past!
Whoever puts a Cola-Froschli in their mouth and closes their eyes soon wallows in beautiful childhood.

Original Cola Froschli Bonbons were developed by Egli AG in 1938. The recipe for this candy has not changed since then.


The basis of each candy is a boiled sugar and glucose syrup mass that is colored and flavored. This mass still has to be processed warm because only then is it stretchable and can be shaped into a frog lying on its stomach.

About the brand

Egli AG is the proud owner of Halsfeger and Cola-Fröschli, two Swiss brands that are steeped in tradition, since 2015. Their motto is “Being close to people brings success”. They work according to this guiding principle on a daily basis at their location in Effretikon and together with their suppliers and partners.

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Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Sugar, glucose syrup, water, caramel syrup, natural cola flavor, and acidity.


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