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Swiss Stone Pine Pillow 35×35 cm

Swiss Stone Pine Pillow consists of 100 % shavings from Engadine (Switzerland). These pillows have over 100 years of tradition.

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Weight 0.600 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


Swiss Stone Pine Pillow

Swiss Stone Pine Pillow is your new path to sweet dreams!

The filling of the pillows consists of 100 % Swiss stone pine shavings from Engadine (Switzerland). A South Tyrolean textile manufacturer makes pillowcases with over 100 years of tradition.

Pine pillows are often used to spread a calming and relaxing scent in bedrooms. The essential oils released from the pine wood chips can help reduce stress, improve sleep quality and even strengthen the immune system. There are also some studies that indicate that pine wood has antibacterial properties and can help improve indoor air quality.


Add 3-5 drops of organic stone pine essential oil to the shavings in the pillow. The drops give the pillow a fresh scent intensity.

The intensity of the scent of the Swiss stone pine shavings may diminish over time. However, the scent can be reactivated not only by the essential oil but also by moisture. 

Place your pillow outside overnight in high humidity, shake it well, and enjoy the natural scent again. Repeat the process approximately every three months.

  • Included: 10 ml pure organic stone pine oil
  • Dimensions: 35 x 35 cm
  • Material cushion cover: cotton 84%, linen 8%, polyester 8%
  • Cushion cover: 40° machine washable
  • Filling quantity: +/- 500 g
  • Filling material: 100 % Swiss stone pine shavings
  • Manufacture: Made in South Tyrol / Swiss stone pine shavings from the Engadine (Switzerland)

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Swiss Stone Pine Pillow 35x35 cm flower of life pillow set.Swiss Stone Pine Pillow 35×35 cm
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