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Insects Trap – Wasp Trap

Insects Trap (Wasp Trap) filled with a home remedy against wasps helps against insects and keeps them away from your home or garden.

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Insects Trap (Wasp Trap)

Insects Trap (also called a fruit fly trap) filled with a home remedy against wasps helps against insects and keeps them away from your home or garden. In addition, it’s poison-free and environmentally friendly. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The best part is you can order 2,4,6,8,10,50, or 100 pcs! An easy way to get rid of annoying wasps, flies, horseflies, and mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes have been around for at least 46 million years. Beyond being a nuisance, they can also spread disease and leave you and your family with itchy bites. With this amazing mosquito trap, you will easily keep these tiny vampires away from you and your loved ones.

Fly and wasp free within 24 hours

This amazing insect catcher is a highly effective and efficient remedy without chemicals. Furthermore, it’s specially developed in the fight against wasps, flies, vinegar flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes, and horseflies in Switzerland.

Besides being annoying, flies can also contaminate where they land and spread disease. It’s also BEE AND BUMBLEBEE friendly! Make your home more inviting for family and friends by getting rid of these annoying insects!

How to use it:

  1. Take a transparent PET bottle and add a bait, e.g., sugar water, into it.
  2. After screwing the yellow insect trap onto the PET bottle, shake it to get some of the liquid to the bottle opening.
  3. The bait trap can be set up or hung up as required.
  4. As soon as attracted wasps, flies, mosquitoes, and horseflies are in the bottle, the yellow trap prevents them from leaving the PET bottle again.

Please note:

With every purchase of this trap, we provide you with the receipts for each insect.

If you’re eco-conscious, you will be happy to know that with this product, you don’t have to buy a new bottle each time! Simply, just reuse the old one!

Order Insect Trap online

We are the leading and oldest authentic Swiss online shop selling only original Swiss-made products. Order this product and get the trackable, insured parcel delivered:

  • straight to your door,
  • wherever you are in the world,
  • directly from Switzerland,
  • available with a flat rate until 2kg and more.

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