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Large Door Bell

Brand: Bell Foundry Berger

Large Door Bell is a perfect compliment to your house! It will make your entrance door even more beautiful than before.


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Large Door Bell

Large Door Bell is a perfect compliment to your house! It will make your entrance door even more beautiful than before. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also made from all the finest materials. In addition, the bell clapper is precisely on the impact ring and is a softer mixture than the bell bronze to ensure a long life of the bell. Moreover, the company uses only the finest ingredients in production, making it a high-quality product.

Did you know?

Did you know that bells mean protection? Long time ago, people used them to keep evil spirits away from the house, yard, and your loved ones. On top of that, anyone who hears the sound of a bell has luck. In times of war, people took them from the churches and from the pasture to make cannons and weapons. When the war was over, they turned war machines into bells, so the bell’s song meant it was peacetime again.

Tradition since 1730

Believe it or not, Bell Foundry Berger still belongs to the same family that keeps their secret recipe all this time! In ten years, they’ll have the jubilee – 300th Anniversary! How do they manage to last so long? There’s only one answer – the quality! Berger keeps a sharp eye on the ingredients they use. Besides, they use the “Made in Switzerland” alloy, and they do all the creative art by hand. Plus, they make their products in different sizes and variations. Hence, there is a rich assortment that you can explore – customer gifts, corporate gifts, souvenirs, or individually made presents. Don’t miss out on Large Door Bell for your home!

If you want more reason to buy this product besides having the best quality and handcrafted art, then you will get even more. The brand is well aware of the current environmental situation like Swissmade Direct is. Moreover, we take our initiative to reduce the carbon footprint, and Bell Foundry Berger fulfills their responsibilities as well.

Order Large Door Bell Today

Feel free to browse through our website and find the bell that suits your needs. We will deliver the product right at your doorstep. Happy shopping!

Weight 1.000 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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Approx 12 cm


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