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Belair Battery Charger

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Belair Battery Charger Overview

Belair Battery Charger provides smooth and regular activity for your Belair 3000 models. The long-life lithium-ion batteries are suitable for thousands of charging processes. You can always charge it as an additional battery.

A comprehensive solution

Belair offers a comprehensive solution for your toilet. The design is sleek, and the ventilation integrated into the toilet ring works flawlessly and very efficiently. It not only takes care of the unpleasant odor – the well-regulated ventilation is efficient enough to suck the undesirable gases and filters directly out of the air. So, each process is automatic, without the need for any human intervention. Keep the Belair Battery Charger handy, though, since the Belair 3000 models need electricity like other electronic items.

Belair VS Covid-19

The brand placed a lot of time, effort, and resources to make sure its product can meet the new and growing challenges. For instance, in addition to cleaning foul odors, Belair’s models come with a virus filter. This virus filter can make virus strains such as COVID-19 harmless. Therefore it is very practical and useful for office space and public buildings where the risk from airborne virus contamination is quite high.

The Swiss brand Belair offers practical, efficient, and innovative solutions without using any chemicals. They have several distinct models for different purposes. And likewise, they have made something special to take on the spread of COVID-19. To reduce Coronaviruses’ effectiveness, two of Belair’s air cleaning units come with highly effective and efficient COVID-19 filters.

Keep the Belair Battery Charger handy

Belair 3000 models are designed to offer you clean air and a hygienic washroom. The Swiss tool can practically improve and elevate your lifestyle. The washroom is a part of the house where most harmful germs and bacteria dwell. Therefore it is essential to take necessary steps to prevent or decrease the harmful germs and bacteria building. And Belair 3000 models have proven to be one of the most efficient ways to do so. They work autonomously. Hence, you do not have to intervene often. Keep the Belair Battery Charger handy and keep the Belair always active.

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Belair Baterry ChargerBelair Battery Charger
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