Belair 3000


The two Belair 3000 models, Akku and Electricity, are designed specially to fight bad odors and also coronavirus spread. They meet all the highest standards.



Belair 3000

The ventilation of indoor spaces is super important in the fight against the coronavirus. Since viruses can be in the room air, it’s essential to minimize this risk. The two Belair 3000 models, Akku and Electricity, are designed specially to fight bad odors and also coronavirus spread. Besides, there are highly effective COVID-19 filters that minimize the risk of spread.

Belair 3000 is a product that provides the effective removal of odors in toilet rooms. It upholds the highest standards of comfort, functionality, quality, design, and energy efficiency. Belair is a toilet seat with an integrated filter that quickly eliminates unpleasant gases before dispersing into the surrounding environment. Adjustable screws allow for simple assembly and disassembly of the device on most toilet bowls. The device requires less than a tenth of conventional bathroom ventilation systems’ energy and saves on the loss of heating energy during cold periods of the year.

Assembly process

  • Install the Belair 3000 like a conventional toilet seat. If necessary, first remove the old seat by loosening the screws on the toilet bowl’s side. 
  • Place the Belair 3000 on the toilet bowl and insert eccentric screws provided with the assembly kit through the seat holder’s eyes and then through the toilet bowl’s holes. 
  • Before tightening the Belair screws with the provided nuts, make sure the underside’s sensor is in contact with the toilet bowl’s rim when the seat is lowered. If not, reposition the device until this is the case. Now tighten the nuts very firmly.
  • E-Modell: Connect the device to the power supply by inserting the power adapter into a power socket. If no power socket is available in the toilet room, you can run the cable under the door to the outside and connect it to a standard extension cord if required.

Belair 3000 Akku and Electricity models

Akku model has a high-quality Li-Ion battery, charger, and one active carbon filter that is sufficient for one year (approximately). On the other hand, one battery charge is enough for ~ 1500 min running time (around four months). The battery charge takes about four hours.

The Electricity model has the main adapter, which is the main difference. There is also one active carbon filter.

Odor-free, natural, and energy-saving

Belair 3000 employs innovative technology to bring clean air into toilet rooms. Unpleasant gases and odors are directly captured at the source by the ventilation system in the innovative toilet seat and absorbed by the integrated activated carbon filter. So, what is the result? Up to 98 percent odor-free air.

It makes use of the natural properties of activated carbon. The unhealthy and environmentally harmful chemicals found in conventional toilet hygiene products are no longer necessary.

Who can benefit?

The Belair air purification device now also filters viruses in the air on the smallest vapor particles. It prevents toilet rooms from becoming so-called super spreaders. The new filter modules are particularly suitable for hospitals, homes, and rehabilitation institutes. However, companies and private individuals can also benefit from this additional security.

Important notes:

  • Before the operation, please check to ensure your voltage system corresponds to the voltage indicated for the device (110-230 volts).
  • Never clean the device when the filter housing is open.
  • Make sure that no water or other fluid enters the air intake slots. Any fluid inside the device could cause permanent damage.
  • Before using the product, read carefully the manual with the explanation of how to use devices and to connect to electric power. Children should not handle electric power.

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