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Curodont Repair For Dental Professionals 10 pcs

Brand: CredentisvVARDIS

Curodont Repair for Dental Professionals, as the name implies, is a product specifically designed for dental professionals. It arrests and reverses initial carious lesions through enamel regeneration.


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Curodont Repair for Dental Professionals

NOTE: We want to immediately clarify the product name – Curodont Repair for Dental Professionals – TRULY IMPLIES THAT THE PRODUCT IS ONLY FOR PROFESSIONAL DENTISTS!

Curodont Repair arrests and reverses initial carious lesions through enamel regeneration. Its Monomer-Peptide 104 patented technology remineralizes the enamel structure until the depth of the defect, preserving the tooth.

Guided Enamel Regeneration (GER)

Guided Enamel Regeneration (GER) is a regenerative treatment of initial carious lesions. GER bridges the gap between prevention and invasive restorative treatments. It enables effective therapy of initial caries through in-depth enamel regeneration while maintaining the tooth’s integrity.

Mode of action

The technology in CurodontTM Repair is formulated as a low-viscosity liquid with a high affinity to hydroxyapatite. The unique conditions within carious lesions enable the organization of the peptide monomers into the biomatrix. This matrix guides enamel regeneration by serving as a “platform” for forming new hydroxyapatite crystals.

Scientific evidence

Curodont Repair (CR) demonstrates significantly superior inactivation and regression of early caries compared to Fluoride Varnish (FV) alone.


Visible evidence


How to apply

The non-invasive therapy with Curodont Repair is as safe as its application is easy.

Applying CurodontTM Repair requires 8-10 minutes without drilling, anesthesia, or pain.

  1. Perform oral prophylaxis in the area to eliminate any calculus/plaque alba. Isolate the area using cheek retractors and cotton rolls. The use of a rubber dam is optional.
  2. Clean the tooth surface for 20 seconds using a small cotton pellet dipped in 2-3% sodium hypochlorite to remove the organic pellicle; then, rinse with water.
  3. Etch the surface of the early carious lesion with 35-37% orthophosphoric acid for 20 seconds. If on a proximal surface, you may use unwaxed dental floss to distribute the etchant in the interdental space. Rinse and pat the tooth to dry. You shouldn’t dry aggressively.
  4. Use one CurodontTM Repair applicator per lesion. After withdrawing the applicator sponge, press it onto the lesion surface to squeeze out all the liquid. In the case of proximal caries on adjacent teeth, one applicator may be used for two lesions.
  5. Wait for 5 min. Do not rinse or ask the patient to spit. Discharge the patient with routine instructions and emphasize maintaining good oral hygiene.

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