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Credentis Overview

Credentis, a Swiss company, has revolutionized oral care products. The company’s Curodont D’Senz tooth gel even won an award for Curolox technology! And it is not uncommon if your dentist does recommend this company’s product to take care of your teeth. The gel has changed how dentists take care of a patient. Curolox technology has minimized the risk of filling and drilling. The purpose o this technology is to offer a long-lasting, comforting, and efficient desensitization of your teeth.

Credentis test History

Before launching the product for the masses, Credentis have done rigorous tests. The gel’s effect was intensively studied once tested on patients suffering from dentine hypersensitivity. And they divided the group into 35 people each. The first group made use of Curodont D’Senz, and the other group used control toothpaste. At the end of the test, it was found that the patients who were treated by making use of Curodont gel D’Senz from Credentis had the best treatment experience.

Besides that, they showed a more significant reduction of sensitivity to thermal stimuli as well. Credentis has gone a long way to specific there’s no adverse effect. They are incredibly tolerant and easy to use. Practically there’s no safety risk. However, the organization does advise not to swallow the gel.

At Swissmade Direct, we are glad to have Credentis with us. It is a great brand and adored by many throughout the world. Their easy usability and effectiveness are superb and helped a considerable number of patients suffering from sensitivity problems.

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