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Curodont D Senz & Curodont Protect

Brand: vVARDIS

Secure the best possible treatment for your teeth with Curodont tooth gels! Curodont D’Senz and Curodont Protect will fit your specific dental care needs.


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VvardisD’Senz & Vvardis Protect

Secure the best possible treatment for your teeth with Vvardis tooth gels! Vvardis D’Senz and Vvardis Protect are made to fit your specific dental care needs.

Vvardis D’Senz Desensitizing Tooth Gel

Vvardis D’Senz Desensitizing Tooth Gel is a professional protection for sensitive teeth.

The patented Oligo-Peptide 103 technology in Vvardis D’Senz forms a stable, protective barrier on exposed dentine.

Within 2 minutes, the open dentin tubules are effectively occluded, inhibiting the pain induced by thermal and contact stimuli. It enables the reduction of sensitivity directly before a professional dental cleaning.

What are the main advantages?

  • Fast desensitization
  • Effective occlusion of dental tubules
  • More comfort and less pain for patients during dental treatment

Learn more about this product here.

Vvardis Protect Remineralizing Tooth Gel

Vvardis Protect is a remineralizing tooth gel for use in-office and at home.

The patented biomimetic Oligo-Peptide 103 technology forms a protective layer that shields enamel and dentin against bacterial and food acids. Hence, it effectively protects the tooth from caries and erosion. Also, it gives a unique smooth teeth sensation.

The gel is especially suited for patients at a high risk of caries, including those undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment/aligner therapy, for patients with high acidic exposure (fruit juices, sweet drinks, reflux), and as a finish for professional dental cleaning or bleaching appointments. 

Why should I use Vvardis Protect?

• For protection after professional teeth cleaning

• For protection after bleaching

• As an intensive prophylaxis at home

Learn more about this product here.

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