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Curodont D Senz & Curodont Protect


Secure the best possible treatment for your teeth with Curodont tooth gels! Curodont D’Senz and Curodont Protect are made to fit your specific dental care needs.

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Curodont D’Senz Overview

Tooth sensitivity is the condition thousands of people suffer from throughout the world. The sharp pain experienced when consuming hot or cold food/beverages is very annoying and painful. Do you know what could be the reason behind this? Well, the reason is Enamel. Our outermost layer of the tooth is called Enamel. It covers the crown of the tooth, the cementum covers the root of the tooth, and the dentin is the inner layer. Tooth sensitivity is the reason when the Enamel wears away or gets damaged, and the dentine is exposed. And to stop this from happening to the tooth, there are many ways. However, the most productive would be to use Curodont D’Senz & Curodont Protect.

Meet two revolutionary products in the dental care field! With Curodont D’Senz and Curodont Protect, you will be able to secure the best possible treatment for your teeth. Both of these products are based on innovative, award-winning Curolox Technology. Hence, these high tech products are the result of more than 20 years of constant scientific research.

The application of Curodont products Curodont d’senz

Dentists should apply both of these products during or after professional treatment. However, you can use Curodont d’senz at home, too. Their application is practical and simple. You can use a toothbrush, your finger or apply it directly from the tube. After the application, you should wait for one or two minutes and spit the remnants afterwards. Even though formula of these products is extremely tolerant, you shouldn’t swallow the gel.

Your teeth will shine like never before with high tech tooth gels!

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